Several players of the Spanish national football team regretted this Monday that they were called to the first list of Montse Tome as the new coach due to their reluctance to be one and that they left the team. “transparent” In their statement last Friday it continues to be “fully valid” and they stressed that it was not carried out “in time and form” according to the rules, so they cannot require them to “go”.

“The players of the senior women’s football team, after the call and subsequent press conference of the new coach of the national team, Montse Tome, wish to state that what was expressed in our statement of September 22, 2023, clearly and without any variations makes it clear that a different interpretation “, our firm will not be called upon for valid reasons. These statements are still fully valid,” they stated in the new statement.

Players, including Alexia Putellas, Tere Abeleira, Mapi Leon or Irene Paredesthey assure that “They will study the possible legal consequences” to which the RFEF “exposes” this call and warns that it was not carried out “in time and form” so that the body is “not available” to demand their presence. “We once again regret that our Federation is putting us in a situation that we would never want.” they pronounced the verdict.

In the same way they believe that call “was not completed in a timely manner”, In accordance with Art. 3.2 of Annex I of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of FIFA Players” so they understand that the RFEF is “not available” to demand “go there”.

“We once again regret that our Federation puts us in a situation that we would never want,” they conclude in their note.

On September 15, 39 players, including 21 of the 23 world champions, demanded that the RFEF restructure the structure of women’s football and insisted that changes made to the organization “are not enough to make them feel safe.”

In a statement that day Players asked RFEF for five changes: Restructuring the structure of women’s football, as well as the structure of the presidential cabinet and the general secretary; the resignation of the RFEF President, a position now temporarily occupied by Pedro Rocha, and the restructuring of the communications and marketing area and the integrity department.

“Today, as we have conveyed to the RFEF, the changes that have taken place are not enough for players to feel in a safe place where women are respected, we are committed to women’s football where we can perform at our best.” they said.