Monse Tome She started out as a difficult coach, including on her first list several players who had left the national team in anticipation of new changes at the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). Montse has placed these players in a delicate position as they are exposed to fine from 3,000 to 30,000 euros if they do not answer your call and possible disqualification of your federal license for a period from 3 to 15 years. Knowing this, Swedenwho will be the first competitor Spain in the Nations League, he will support the national team players if they decide to boycott the match, as it became known Philippa Angeldal.

“We want them to feel supported and other countries to support every decision they make.- the Swedish star began. ““If they think they have to boycott the game to make something happen, we support them.”- added Philippa Angeldal, positioning herself on the side of Spain.

The Spanish players made it clear that their wish not to be called up “still stands”.

Several players of the Spanish national football team regretted this Monday that they were called up to the first list of Montse Tome as the new coach because of their desire not to be one, and that they left.”transparent” in his statement last Friday he continues “fully valid” and emphasized that it was not carried out “in time and form”according to the rules so that they cannot demand them”go”

“Following the call and subsequent press conference of the new national team coach Montse Thome, the players of the senior women’s football team wish to state that what was expressed in our statement of September 22, 2023 is clear and there is no room for other interpretation our company will not be called for valid reasons. These statements are still completely valid”, – stated in the new statement.

Will Spain boycott the match against Sweden?

Players including Alexia Putellas Tere Abeleira, Mapi Leon or Irene Paredesthey claim that “They will study possible legal consequences”To which the RFEF “exposes” them with this call and warns that this was not carried out “in time and form”therefore the organism”not available» demand their presence. “We once again regret that our Federation puts us in a situation that we would never want.”They passed a verdict. Will Spain boycott the match against Sweden?