The prosecutor’s office asked Former Barcelona coaches Luis Enrique Martinez and Ernesto Valverde. testify as witnesses in the Negreira case, according to court sources.

The prosecutor wants both coaches to be called to testify to confirm or deny the presence of referee profile reports that José María Enríquez Negreira, who was then Vice President of the Technical Referees Committee, allegedly prepared for Barça.

Enriques Negreira invoiced these alleged reports through Dasnil 95 SL.who billed FC Barcelona for €6.6m between 2001 and 2018, when the Barcelona legal entity ended its commercial relationship with the former collegiate.

The prosecutor’s note states that through Rosella and Bartomeu as presidents, Barça “maintained a strictly confidential verbal agreement” with Negreira, who was then Vice President of the Arbitration Committee.

The agreement, according to the prosecutor, was for Negreira “in exchange for money, to perform actions aimed at supporting the FCB in the decisions of the referees in the matches played by the club, and thus in the results.” competitions”, and in this sense he points out that the referees for each match in official competitions are appointed by the Arbitration Committee.

Valverde already said a few days ago at a press conference that he is not aware of these reports and did not have access to them as a Barça coach. Luis Enrique, on the other hand, did not rule yet. about the case.

Prosecutors have calculated that between 2001 and 2018, Negreira earned more than €7.3 million, which the prosecutor points out: “This was a real remuneration, not provided for by the club’s statutes and not approved by the General Assembly. In short, these representations had no legal or legislative backing.

The prosecutor’s complaint stated that two Negreira companies billed Barça “Without their response to any real technical advice or provision”, and indicates that between 2014 and 2018 he billed Barça for €2,971,673.01.

The letter adds that the bank accounts into which Negreira received payments were “almost entirely fed by FSB proceeds, which were withdrawn, for the most part, by bearer checks” collected by third parties at the request of Negreira, at the request of Negreira, who then delivered cash.

Negreira was released from the CTA in May 2018. and then Barça stopped paying him, for which Negreira reproached Bartomeu in a bureaufax reproduced by the prosecutor: “I have no desire to publicize all the violations that I knew and experienced first hand against anyone from the club, but you me to do so if he does not reconsider his decision and comply with the agreement that we were to continue to rely on my services until the end of the presidential term.