He FC Barcelona player Gavi May be re-registered under the Blaugrana subsidiary after a court lifted La Liga precautions that allowed the club to register the homegrown midfielder in the first team on the last day of the winter market.

“La Liga has received a notice from the Commercial Court of Barcelona No. 10 announcing the cancellation of the precautionary measures agreed on January 31, 2023 Gavi casebecause Barcelona missed the deadline to bring the main claim, ”La Liga explained to the media.

With this judgment, due to defects in the form of a claim filed by FC Barcelona, ​​in order to be able to register a player from a subsidiary in the main team and thus making its extension valid until 2026the player may have to re-register with the subsidiary before the end of the season.

At a sporting level, the Andalusian could continue to play in La Liga Santander and the Copa del Rey as normal. Certainly, number “6” reserved for first team playerscould disappear from under the shirt, and he would have to restore “30”.

The problem is that Gavi’s previous contract ended at the end of this season, and if the court rejects Gavi’s first-team registration and La Liga does not accept the new contract signed in September 2022, the player could be free.

On January 31, 2023, Barça were able to register Gavi in ​​the first team – and with a new contract – thanks to the fact that the same court that is now canceling the precautionary measures – apparently for being late by one day – gave the green light to your registration

Thus, for FC Barcelona, ​​the first resolution recognized the “dominance” of La Liga and considered that there was a “principle of legitimacy” in his statement and “that a player’s failure to register before the window closed would mean the latter’s freedom and therefore very serious and irreparable damage” to the subject.

Before this verdict, La Liga announced that it would be appealing the decision in court and confirmed that Andalusian midfielder will be registered in the first team of “Barcelona” following the order of precautions.

Now that the La Liga appeal has been accepted by Barcelona Commercial Court No. 10, the registration will be canceled and Gavi will be registered again not to play, with the subsidiary awaiting the next judgment from FC Barcelona, ​​which he believes that there were no formal flaws in the claim register a midfielder.