La Liga, under the chairmanship of Javier Tebas, noted that, recognizing the importance of setting an example for the youngest by “encouraging the participation of sports with respect and fair play”, through its Foundation, it has developed the Futura Aficion project, “which is already a benchmark in the education of values ​​as a strategy to prevent violence “.

To date, more than 63,400 boys and girls from all over Spain have already taken part in the Futura Afición. Evaluations show that the project is causing positive changes in favor of a culture of non-violence. So, 87% of the students who took part in the program experience personal changes, and 90% pass on messages from the project to their families.

“Football today is more than a sport. Various domestic, European and world competitions have become a landmark event that serves as a reference point for many boys and girls around the world. Hence the importance of conveying the values ​​associated with the sport and adhering to ethical and behavioral standards in all matches and related events by both the players and the fans in attendance, the media and all parties involved,” he explained. .

The goal of this initiative is to offer educational centers, families and/or society at large the tools to address this issue and ensure that children become a respected hobby in the future.

This information program is specifically aimed at primary schools, especially for grades 3 and 6, throughout Spain, as well as after-school sports centers and institutions that work with vulnerable groups at risk of social exclusion, with a particular focus on boys and girls ages 8 and 12. In addition, the program also focuses its attention and resources on families to facilitate accompaniment in youth values ​​education, and on the community at large to raise awareness and act in all contexts.

The priority of the La Liga Foundation is to encourage healthy sports among children and adolescents, as well as to inculcate the values ​​of tolerance, respect and empathy that contribute to the all-round development of future generations through a universal educational tool such as football.