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‘Adventurous’ dogs fall off cliff but find ‘second life’ with help from firefighters in Serres


CBMSC (Military Fire Service of Santa Catarina) teams carried out a difficult rescue mission in Bom Jardim da Serra, in the mountainous region of the state.

On Monday morning (18), firefighters were called to rescue two dogs that fell from a cliff near the Laranjeiras Canyon in the city of Santa Barbara.

The dogs were equipped with a GPS navigator and were found by firefighters on a cliff about 200 meters high. – Photo: CBMSC/Disclosure/ND

According to the fire department, upon arriving at the scene, the military came across a cliff about 200 meters high, into which two dogs fell.
In addition, the animals had GPS equipment that indicated their location and altitude on the cliff. Farrista’s dog’s GPS showed a height of about 70 meters from the edge, while the distance for Thor’s dog was greater – a height of about 120 meters from the edge of the cliff.

The dogs were unharmed

One of the firefighters went down to the GPS marker, where he found the dog uninjured. Another firefighter went down to Thor’s GPS location and also found the animal unharmed at the scene.

So that the animals could safely climb on them, firefighters made a kind of “seat” in the shape of the letter “X” for the two dogs. The teams at the top of the cliff began to lift the animals until they safely reached the top of the cliff.

Firefighters rescue two dogs who fell from a cliff about 200 meters high.  – Photo: CBMSC/Disclosure/NDFirefighters rescue two dogs who fell from a cliff about 200 meters high. – Photo: CBMSC/Disclosure/ND

After the animals were rescued, both were placed in the care of their owner.

Watch the firefighters lift the dogs

The video captures the moment firefighters lift the dogs. – Video: CBMSC/Disclosure/ND

Source: Ndmais


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