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VIDEO: Barn owl seen resting in warehouse in Crisium: ‘rare’


The species Tyto Furcata, known as the barn owl or barn owl, was seen “resting” in a barn on Linha Batista, in Crisium, in the south of the state in August. According to the biologist of the Directorate of Environmental Protection, Vitor Bastos, such cases are rare in the municipality.

The species was recorded in an area with fragments of natural forest. – Photo: Vitor Bastos/Disclosure/ND

According to the specialist, the animal is not often seen in the city, but it was located in an area where fragments of the native forest are in good condition. The workers called a biologist to check the condition of the species.

“I was told that every day in the morning she rested in the highest part of the place, and at night she came out through the side holes in search of food. I went there to take a photo and, fortunately, she was calm and resting,” Bastos emphasizes. Check:

The species was recorded in an area with fragments of natural forest. – Video: Vitor Bastos/Disclosure/ND

According to the professional, there are few species recorded in Crisium. One of them was in 2017 in the San Roque area. Ornithologists, according to Bastos, also saw it in person, but were unable to photograph the animal.

“In my case, I have already saved two people who were injured and possibly collided in cars. One died and the other was released. This is a special moment for me,” explains the biologist.

For Bastos, the barn owl sighting at Crisium is significant for southern SC, “given its rarity here in our municipality,” he notes. “It lives from southern Canada to southern Argentina. This is one of the owl species with the largest continental range on the planet,” he adds.

Animal Characteristics

“This is one of the most interesting bird species on the planet, at least in my opinion and the opinion of many other nature lovers,” says the biologist. Professionals note that the barn owl has the ability to find prey underground or behind walls and tree trunks using hearing.

“The reason for this “superpower” is due to the facial discs, which resemble a cut apple and help carry sound to the outer ears. This way she can calculate the exact distance to her prey. Only it from the owl family has such a characteristic structure,” he emphasizes.

Why a barn owl?

The biologist also claims that this species is known as the barn owl precisely because it adapts well to urban environments. In most cases, it lives on the roofs of churches and large warehouses.

Source: Ndmais


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