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Invasion? Disney closes several Magic Kingdom attractions due to black bear sighting


A black bear infestation at Disney’s Orlando park forced the closure of several attractions on Monday afternoon (18). The animal was spotted climbing one of the Magic Kingdom’s trees, according to staff reports.

The animal was removed from there without any problems – Photo: Pixabay/Montagem/ND

In a statement released this afternoon, the FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, literally) said it is aware of the animal’s existence on Walt Disney World properties. Information taken from The Mirror.

“In most cases, bears are better off having space and moving on their own, but given this situation, the team worked to capture and relocate the bear,” local officials said.

The Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster were listed as closed attractions, according to the My Disney Experience app. All toys were released at 14:00 Brasilia time.

“Invasion” is not uncommon

Despite the panic, this wasn’t the first time wild animals had been found at Disney. There is even an active animal control program, as snakes are common at the resort.

Crocodiles have been seen near roller coasters and even in bathrooms. There are also records of damage caused by squirrels.

There are articles on the FWC website stating that black bears are common and can be found almost everywhere in Florida.

They prefer areas with lowland forests and swamps, including areas near the Magic Kingdom. The facility also states that the animals are afraid of people and prefer to stay away.

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