Ayusopink and jet, as if it were The end of Cordobaasked Sanchez Let him “call” an election if he dares, which we already know he can’t since he’s in power, but we all understood the challenge, the rudeness and the unrest. Sanchez can’t name anything, but he sees taking office Feijoo, like a funeral and a sad procession of funerals and sad banderilleros, and then give up yours. Thus, the President of Madrid wants Sánchez to openly offer the Spanish people his proposal for this new Spain with tribes of cannibals and coffee tables, where crimes and laws are erased or forgotten, as if they were scores chalked up by a tavern owner or a muses’ companion. Of course, no one believes that Sánchez is capable of being subjected to the kind of moral itch that forces him to consult the people on this matter or anything else, while he has barely survived the personal plebiscite that was this election. Ayuso, like many others, makes an accurate but useless diagnosis. With Sanchez, only strength is worth anything, which means that the temptation of Ayuso with a garter bag and an eye tassel finds Sanchez already very fed up.