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VIDEO: Mutant opossum climbed into the house and ate pet food


A video circulating on social media shows a mutant opossum devouring a pet’s food. The biologist noted that this spotted animal was the largest opossum he had ever seen, and spoke about the diet of this species.

VIDEO: Mutant opossum caught eating pet food – Photo: Social media/NA reproduction

An opossum is usually 40 to 50 centimeters long and weighs 2 to 4 kg. Biomesquita notes that the frames are even longer, which sometimes happens.

When asked about the reasons why the species became so large, the biologist says that the secret is in the video itself.

“Opossums are very versatile, they can eat anything that is available. They can eat berries, bird eggs, snakes and insects. These are animals that always have food, these guys even eat carrion.”

In urban areas, what skunks are passionate about and is a nutritional bomb is pet food. When they have readily available food and begin to consume it frequently, they end up gaining weight that they would not have in nature.

“And then what does the little body of these guys do, which is not used to getting all this amount of nutrients when it gets it? It just deposits everything in fat, and as a result, this animal becomes gigantic, huge, ”he concludes.

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