The tele-Madrid relay of the fourteenth subscription served to gather the heart and, moreover, and unintentionally, to the lesson from this San Isidro, so dim that it does not quite find its meaning.

Main character, Victoria Federicainfanta’s daughter Elenaaccompanied by a friend in a burladero in Callejón de las Ventas, always using the Telemadrid transmission as the source of this information.

There, Victoria Federica, judging by the fasting outbursts of explicit comments on this subject, crossed herself profusely before the first bull came out of her. Andres Roca Rey.

This religious focus was not criticized in any way, after all, unlike the following outburst without explicit comment: Victoria Federica and her friend stare – just as intently – at their mobile phones, while the bull is from Puerto – or from La Ventana , or from Valdefresno, or de Fraile, what a noise of names, and Garcigrande are walking along the same path, camped on the sand.

Let’s remember two situations: Victoria Federica is baptized profusely – this is no joke – and Victoria Federica is looking at her phone, not looking up from the bull in the arena. And her friend.

A real symbol of this fair that does not focus. For me, the main reason – and it was written here – is the wind. So you can’t fight the way we like, no matter how much we think about it. And they did a lot of wind and a lot of cold in the styling. Then other factors appear: the hostility of the 7, especially the accused, as chronicles today describe, when a figurehead such as Roca, the king, fights. to which, moreover, they spit for the bull is less trapío, another of the main reasons against the environment. Chicken coop omelet, saw in the air, let’s go as soon as the bad guys come.

This bull of the lesser trapo, which was so annoying and ultimately ruined the work, reconnects with Victoria Federica, the common thread of this fair metaphor that is not focused. Because something much less dark, don’t ask me what must have slipped through the loophole and climbed up the mock upholstery covered in sheet metal roofing with water until it was discovered by Victoria Federica and her friend panicking like a reflection of the latest issue Telemadrid—without explicit commentary—in which both young women tried to frighten a small animal—or whatever it was—went to the point of shutting their mouths in the face of the horror of the invasion.

Another symbol, don’t tell me no, because the crowd, which sometimes cheers for bullshit, is horrified by the obvious or asks for a drink at the wrong time, while the bull – again and always the bull – roams the arena.

And the bulls attacked this fair, oh, no wind, no milk.