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‘Things have gone bad’: Huge tiger almost gets hit by wheels and gets mad at motorcycle occupants


A tiger scared two men on a motorcycle when it suddenly crossed a street in India. In the images, the animal can be seen on the road when the motorcycle brakes hard at high speed, attracting the unwanted attention of a predator.

Tigre was crossing the street when he was taken by surprise by a motorcycle – Photo: YouTube / Reproduction / ND

Even without the final “ending” shown in the video, you can imagine that the evil super-predator approaching you is not something pleasant.

The channel “Biologist Enrique, Cobra Biologist” comments on this terrible meeting, which explained a little about the behavior of the animal shown in the images.

The tiger could have easily killed both men.

The biologist explains that it can be clearly seen that the tiger was extremely uncomfortable in the encounter due to the signs that its body was showing.

“Little ear on the back, vibrissae (cat whiskers) and the angry face he made at the beginning of the video. It is clear that it will be bad.”

Despite this, according to the specialist, this does not necessarily mean that the men will be devoured, but warns: “They were not just going to kick him, but they were going to bite, and if you grab it in the neck, it will be a crack!” Enrique explains.

Source: Ndmais


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