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‘It’s very fresh!’: Snake squirms on skewers as biologist explains


The scene of a python snake writhing “turning into a barbecue” aroused curiosity about both the animal’s movements and the eating habits of those preparing the dish. The video was featured on Enrique’s Biologist channel.

Cobra, cooked on hot coals, writhing during cooking – Photo: reproduction / Youtube Biologista Henrique

“The snake moves because the meat is dehydrated. And she still has energy in the cells, ”explains the biologist. “She will squirm. Some cells are still functioning. It’s like a fish jumping out of a pot,” he clarifies.

He says that there are several peoples who are in the habit of eating snakes. “It’s even legal in the United States, the python has become a plague,” he says. There are places, such as Florida’s Everglades National Park, where the python is aggressive and breeds out of control.

There, the python snake is responsible for several environmental problems as it devours almost everything in sight. “About 95% of animals cease to exist. They consume everything.” This snake’s menu has everything from herons to alligators.

Source: Ndmais


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