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25 beautiful and original phrases for congratulations on the sacrament


25 frases bonitas y originales para felicitar una comunión

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It’s the season of fellowship and you are probably wondering what they say to someone when they undergo this very important rite. We’re not only talking about the prayers required for this ceremony, but also the words you’ll use to congratulate the boy or girl you’re enjoying on their big day.

That’s why today we’re bringing you ideas you can write for First Communion. These beautiful and original phrases are used to congratulate this great day and they look great on postcards or letters.. You are ready? Take action!

What to put in a sacrament dedication?

Don’t know what to write on a First Communion card? In addition to the details you have prepared for those who are celebrating this important dayit is likely that you want to surprise the main boy or girl with nice words.

Our advice is to think about the day of your communion. Surely you remember what you were told and what you were glad to hear. But if you can’t think of any ideas, don’t worry, here are a few phrases to help you.

participle phrases 4

What is said at First Communion?

First Communion is a religious rite of great importance in the lives of many children. During the mass, prayers are read and the kids are invited to follow the commandments of the Catholic Church.. But what can we say to the little ones when this whole ceremony is over?

Ideally, one should look for words that encourage them to remain firm in their commitment, so that they understand that this day is not just a party. If you think you need some inspiration, Take a look at the phrases we leave you below.

funny congratulations with communion

Not sure what to write for First Communion? A good way to say something nice to your child at the party is to find a fun and funny phrase like the ones we have below. In addition to giving him a good gift!

  • May your first communion be the first step in a life of blessings… and cake. Congratulations!
  • First Communion celebrates life before and after: your beginning in the world of wine. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your first communion. Now that you’ve got a host, we hope you share your cookies. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on the sacrament, always remember to take today’s great meeting with you, and now run for your beautiful gifts.
  • Happy first communion. And remember bread, bread and wine, wine, Marcelino wine!
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original congratulations with communion

If you are still not clear how to congratulate on the First Communion and surprise the main boy or girl with an original phrase. Keep reading. Here are some great sayings that would look great next to your gift.

  • Let the love of Jesus shine in your heart. On the day of your first communion and always.
  • Endless desire… May the joy of today be with you throughout your life. Congratulations on your communion.
  • May the flame of love and devotion that reigns in you today last forever. Congratulations!
  • May the flame of love and devotion that reigns in you today as you take your first communion continue.
  • May this day, when you take the first communion, be the beginning of a peaceful and joyful journey.
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Phrases for a beautiful communion

It is not easy to dedicate beautiful words to those who take the first communion. That is why today we have brought you some beautiful phrases that you can insert into a congratulation of this caliber.. They can also help you if you don’t know what to write on your communion invitation.

  • May the virtue and power of the Holy Spirit always remain in your heart and help you illuminate the path of life.
  • Receive Jesus into your heart and you will have a wonderful experience.
  • Jesus will always accompany your steps, congratulations!
  • May every new day of your life be as beautiful and important as today.
  • O Jesus, friend of children, keep my soul clean and pure!
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Short phrases for the sacrament

When someone takes communion, we must convey our joy to him. That is why it is so important to choose a few beautiful words to dedicate to that boy or girl who is experiencing the happiest day of their lives.

  • In my fellowship, your love is my gift.
  • My first communion is really cool.
  • Today Jesus put his hand on your shoulder, blessing you.
  • Thank you for bringing us closer to Jesus and giving us the opportunity to be as good as He is.
  • Never miss a great opportunity to be happy. Enjoy your first communion.
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Original phrases of the first communion

To dedicate a few nice words to a child who is undergoing first communion, It is best to find an original and special phrasethat inspires you on this unique day. Here are some examples to help you write something beautiful.

  • Today, tomorrow and forever, may the Lord be with you.
  • This is your first encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist. This is the beginning of your growth in faith.
  • The Lord Jesus entered my heart. I received your gift, for which I thank God.
  • Remember that faith is the most important partner in life and for life.
  • Today, Jesus, I accept you to guide me, take care of me, and never stop being my friend.

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