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15 Gloria Fuertes Poems You Didn’t Know


Gloria Fuertes poemas

  • Brief biography of Gloria Fuertes
  • What is the most famous poem by Gloria Fuertes?
  • What to read about Gloria Fuertes?
  • What poems did Gloria Fuertes write?
  • The most symbolic poems of Gloria Fuertes

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Today we will talk about Gloria Fuertes., one of the greatest poets of Spain. Although her story has set her apart in the field of special poetry, we will try to approach her from all the prisms that this versatile artist had in her life.

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Brief biography of Gloria Fuertes

Fuertes has been a poet since birth. (July 28, 1917, Madrid). At the age of five, he was already writing and illustrating stories, which was not well received at home. Many years later, the author said that she was beaten at home if she read. No one encouraged her in her career, but this did not discourage her.

He was born into a humble family. Father was a janitor, mother a seamstress. After her death in 1934 the poetess had to start working as a secretary.

But this work did not stop her in her creative search. In those years, in addition to cooperation with the children’s magazine miraclesfounded a women’s group poems with a skirt along with Maria Dolores de Pablos and Adelaide Las Santas. He also collaborated with Antonio Gala, Julio Mariscal and Rafael Mir to create a poetry magazine. Archers. In those years, his first books and first stories were published, his first play was staged. Prometheusat the Theater of the Institute of Hispanic Culture.

However, his big success came in the mid-70s.when Fuertes became associated with those Spanish RTVE programs that we all know. While this allowed her to fulfill the dream of any poet, to live her poetry and establish her position in the field of children’s literature, it also overshadowed her poetic career in other fields.

At 81, Gloria Fuertes died of lung cancer. In a last gesture of solidarity and love for childhood, he donated his entire fortune (100 million pesetas) to an orphanage known as the “City of Boys of Father Jesús Silva”.

What is the most famous poem by Gloria Fuertes?

The work of Gloria Fuertes is very extensive., considering that the poetess devoted her whole life to writing. However, there is one of his pieces that is without a doubt the most famous. In fact, it is likely that you know her and do not know what the work of this author is.

we’re talking about poetry One balloon, two balloons, three balloonswhich became the leitmotif of the TV show of the same name.

What to read about Gloria Fuertes?

One of the most iconic works of Gloria Fuertes – duty poet, which was first published in 1696. In it we can find the most social poetry of the author, which is filled with the demands of peace, love, pain, irony and humor.

Another interesting post to get to know the author my beard is growing, published in Reservoir Books. He collects Fuertes’ work as a whole, without separating what was addressed to a children’s audience and what was addressed to an adult audience. After all, there was only one Gloria Fuertes, the only poetess who did not stop being her when she changed register.

What poems did Gloria Fuertes write?

Literary criticism refers Gloria Fuertes to the Generation of the 50s. received special recognition in the field of literature and children’s poetry, it was not the only thing the author did in life.

His poetry was associated with moral condemnation, like that of other colleagues of his generation. Some common themes in his adult works are: pain, social injustice, love, death, God… What made her different from other poets of that time was her ability to reach out to the public, to reach out to the people. This was his intention, and he expressed it in the following quotations: “Before counting syllables, poets must tell what is happening.”

The most symbolic poems of Gloria Fuertes

Next, we leave you with some of the most emblematic and famous poems of Gloria Fuertes.

on my round face

Glory Powerful Poems


on my round face
I have eyes and a nose
as well as a small mouth
talk and laugh.

I see everything with my own eyes
I do ashish with my nose
with my mouth like

Little mouse and elephant

It was in the jungle
and in the corner
says to the mouse:

it’s beauty
but sometimes
this is unfair

Look son
i’m so big
and you are so skinny I am with this pipe
you with this muzzle

i’m so fat
you are so skinny

And the mouse said:
– I’m just sick.


freshwater snake
who crawls on the ground
and when he reaches the sea, he dies.

On the border

I’m tall;
at war
I weighed forty kilos.

I was on the verge of tuberculosis
on the brink of prison
on the brink of friendship
on the edge of art
on the brink of suicide
on the edge of mercy
on the verge of envy
on the threshold of glory
on the threshold of love
at the edge of the beach

and little by little I fell asleep
And here I am sleeping on the edge
on the brink of awakening


welcome laugh
that leaves joy where it treads!

Let the laughter come
and his cousin smile!

Laughter is like
(feeds more than loin).

You must laugh every hour
(written by the server).

Oh, what a laugh, Aunt Felice!
the shirt is flying!

(Laughter is very good for the chest.)
Who smiles, he rides better than in a car;
who laughs during the day, sleeps well at night.

frog woman

Glory Powerful Poems


frog woman
and diver
they are married
and instead of partridges
they had three tadpoles.

All against pollution

That men don’t color rivers.
That men do not dirty the sea.
So that children do not offend trees.
Let the men do not dirty the city.

(Dislike for each other is what pollutes the most,
on a ship or under a mine.)

That tigers don’t have claws
that there are no wars in the countries.

That children don’t kill birds
Cats don’t kill mice
and above all men
don’t kill men


Glory Powerful Poems


Each bee with its partner.
Each duck with its own leg.

Each has its own theme.
Each volume has its own cover.

Each type with its own type.
Each whistle with its own flute.

Each trick with its own seal.
Each plate has its own cup.

Each river has its own mouth.
Each cat with its own cat.

Every rain with its own cloud.
Each cloud has its own water.

Each boy with his girl.
Each gear with its own pineapple.

Every night at dawn.

One balloon, two balloons, three balloons

Glory Powerful Poems


One ball, two balls, three balls.
The moon is a balloon

One ball, two balls, three balls.
The earth is the globe on which I live.

One ball, two balls, three balls,
my house is a big balloon

I was born to be a poet or die…

I was born to be a poet or die
I chose difficult
—I survive all shipwrecks—,
and I continue my poems,
Alive and well.

I was born to be a whore or a clown
I chose difficult
—make hopeless customers laugh—
and I continue my tricks,
get the pigeon out of the slip.

I was born in vain or a soldier
and I chose the hard one
—to be almost nothing on stage—,
and I continue between rifles and pistols
without getting your hands dirty.

travel is a pleasure

reached the river Nile
mounted on a crocodile.

Pelines arrived in China
mounted on a chicken

Anton arrived in Leon
mounted on a chameleon.

Ramona arrived in Barcelona
mounted on a monkey

Maruhilla arrived in Cercedilla.
mounted on protein.

arrived in Girona
riding a lioness

Enriqueta reached the goal
installed on the aircraft.

And Gloria, the author,
came to an end
dolphin ride

Sometimes I want to ask you something…

Sometimes I want to ask you something
and you scare me with your eyes,
and return to the silence of the infected
the timid scent of your roses.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t dream of you
and the more he wanted, the more he dreamed,
for your poems that I savored,
you are rich in poetry, I am a beggar.

But I don’t know what I’m making up
and i will never invent what i think
the slave name of my thought.

I guess I’m not your content
That sometimes you remind me I think
and when I’m about to say it, my voice is not heard.

grandma gift

Grandma came from the city.
bought a plant
and put it as a decoration
on the wardrobe.

The plant was carnivorous
and we had dinner.
(what a concern!)

awakening rooster

I’m here,
said the rooster

cock hummingbird
he was red
and that was his suit
beautiful plumage.


get up peasant
that the sun is already
on my way.


wake up labrador
wake up happy
that the day is coming


village children
wake up with ole,
waiting for you at the Cole.
People don’t need watches
the wake-up rooster is worth it.

how to draw a child

To draw a child, you need to do it with love.

Draw her a lot of bangs
that he eats waffles;
many freckles on his face, which show that he is a scoundrel;

Let’s continue the drawing: a round cheese face.
Since he is a fashionable child, he drinks syrup with soda.
He is wearing jeans with a beautiful hole;
American T-shirt and corduroy cap.

Football boots, because kicking is an art.
He is always laughing because he is very smart.
History is at hand, that’s why he’s so happy.
To draw a child, you need to do it with love.

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