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Emiliano Bengasi talks about himself. The story of a designer with a passion for wedding dresses in his DNA.


IN 1968 MY MOTHER OPENED HER STUDIO, in the same place where it is today: I was born and raised in these walls, among lace and lace, breathing her passion when she modeled clothes according to silhouette of her clients, who, as she liked to say, “Women came in, queens came out.” So the designer Emiliano Bengasi, with the enthusiasm that distinguishes him, tells the story of his atelier, that small atelier of a few square meters that today has become 600, including the tailoring atelier. For more than 50 years, the Bengasi family has been fulfilling the wishes of its clients with exceptional professionalism: “Once upon a time, brides turned to my mother, today their daughters come to me, in my atelier, to sew the dress of their dreams.”

Tell us about the new 2024 collection.
“My creations always want to tell a love story. This year’s inspiration was Romeo and Juliet, a Shakespearean tragedy that actually speaks of eternal love. There are three capsules: Couturier Bengasi, with an iconic mood of luxurious, important and precious dresses, with embroidery and crystals; Benghazi was also called so for the “purity” of fabrics and lace, especially mikado and macramé. A discreet collection that nevertheless retains an important and regal style. And finally, Bengasi Suite, for those who want a sparkling and expensive dress, but with more enveloping lines and less volume.

What are your sources of inspiration?
“I choose the story I want to tell and based on that idea, I design my clothes. In the case of Romeo and Juliet, I wanted to talk about a strong and at the same time contrasting love. Therefore, the idea of ​​a chain in its double meaning of an inextricable connection and impossible love seemed very provocative to me, so I decided to make lace in this shape.”

But how are his clothes born?
“Often the fabric inspires the model. However, sometimes an idea arises spontaneously and unexpectedly, perhaps in a moment of relaxation when the mind is free to wander and dream.”

Is there a model you prefer among the ones you’ve created?
“I like the clothes from the 2023 collection, which reflect the evolution of Benghazi style a bit. A princely and regal dress, but made of macramé and mikado lace, without embroidery or frills. Suitable for a modern princess who keeps up with the times, but with retro references, such as puffed sleeves, which, among other things, are one of the trends of the moment.”

Tip for readers, for the perfect wedding dress.
“This is someone who knows how to enhance the strengths of the female body and at the same time represents her personality. Choosing a dress is magic because only one of them will be perfect for the bride-to-be who chooses it. Every time in that moment, my amazement is renewed, because I have the feeling that I created it only for her. And that makes me happy.”

Source: Elle


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