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30 upscale female names: they are classic and sophisticated


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What happiness! It will be a beautiful girl! For her to be a strong, successful and special woman, she needs a name that matches that.. Recently, many high-class female names have been worn. Or, at least, were associated with this social scale.

These are successful names whose meanings are charged with power. But they are just as beautiful when you read them as they are when you listen to them. In short, these are unique names perfect for that special girl you’re waiting for.

What is the prettiest name for a girl?

Taste the colors! It is difficult to determine which name is the most beautiful in the world, although we know which one is used most often today. In 2020, the National Institute of Statistics determined that the most common name for new parents is Lucia.Sofia, Martina, Maria and Julia follow her.

But if these four don’t convince you, don’t be discouraged. We offer you many more names for high class girls that you will love for sure.

What is the name of a strong woman?

The name of the girl means a strong woman, and he’s also quite connected to the upper class, he’s Carla. It is of Germanic origin and can be translated as “mighty” or “one who is strong”.

Doesn’t that convince you? Don’t worry. We have yet to discover many names for upper class girls!

Upper class girls names

  • Victory. Its meaning is “one who conquers evil.”
  • Beatrice. “Bringer of happiness.”
  • Martina. It means “dedicated to Mars, the god of war.”
  • Amalia. “Gentle.”
  • Sofia. It means “full of wisdom”.
  • Diana. Its meaning is “princess”.
  • Catherine. “Pure Woman”
  • Alexandra. Its meaning is “protector woman”.
  • cayetana. It means “great stone”.
  • Rania. “Queen of Jordan”
  • Elizabeth. It means “God’s helper”.
  • Eleanor. Its meaning is “God is my light.”
  • Mercedes. “The one who sets us free.”
  • Tatiana. It means “one that is active.”
  • Charlotte. French diminutive of Carl, and its meaning is “one who is strong and of character.”
  • Paula. It means “smallest”.
  • Maria. “chosen by God”.
  • White. It means “bright”.
  • Camila. Its meaning is “sacrifice”.
  • Jimena. It means “mountain house”.
  • Karla. “Strong, courageous.”
  • Sunrise. It means “dawn, the first light of day.”
  • Andrea. Its meaning is “courage, strength”.
  • pow. Diminutive of Paula.
  • valentine. It means “brave”.
  • Martha. It means “brave lady” or “daughter”.
  • Claudia. Etymology from the Latin “claudius”, it was the proper name of the famous Roman families; Claude, lame.
  • Matilda. It means “strong in battle”.
  • Olivia. It means “fruit of the olive tree”.
  • Letitia. It means “a woman who gives joy.”

If you need a different style of names, here are ideas for modern girl names, original names, Galician names, Basque names, French names, or Italian names, for example.

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