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10 cities in Spain that are especially beautiful when it rains


summer right around the corner and you have probably already visited the coolest cities in Andalusia or a few cities near Madrid that you can visit right now without waiting for the holidays. But what if it’s bad? Even if it’s not an ideal travel situation, don’t let the weather ruin it. the vacation you prepared with such enthusiasm (and you miss him so much).

Spain has many cities ideal for rainy days. combine cultural tourism, outdoor plans when it clears up, and of course the best gastronomy in cities where you eat better. In addition, many of them have attractions that when it rains, its beauty is highlightedFor example cobbled streets of Comillas.

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Cities in Spain are perfect for rainy days Riglos Huesca


Riglos (Huesca)

In accordance with world, Riglos is the seventh most beautiful city in the world. In this picturesque place with white houses, you can visit the Birds of Prey Interpretation Center, Parish Church of Our Lady of Mallo and a Romanesque church belonging to the vanished monastery of San Martin. And if the rain stops, discover the Mallos de Riglos, some unvegetated geological formations: vertical walls that any climber would love to see.

cities in spain are perfect for rainy days comillas


Comillas (Cantabria)

Comillas is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain according to National Geographic. The dunes, cliffs, swamps and river mouth make it an ideal place for hiking. And when it rains, your cobbled streets and squares shine like never before. Important are Antoni Gaudí’s “El Capricho” with its unmistakable portico; Sobrellano Palace, a neo-Gothic building; and the Pontifical University, towering over the entire city.

Cities in Spain perfect for rainy days Cuevas del Agua


Water caves (Asturias)

Few places are as mysterious and unusual as the village of Cuevas del Agua in Ribadesella. Its great feature is that it is accessed via La Cuevona, one of the few depressions that can be driven through by car. If you go during the rainy season, you will be impressed by the crossing water curtain formed. There are a large number of granaries and interesting examples of traditional architecture, such as the Ruta de los Molinos.

Ideal cities for rainy days Bejart


Bejar (Salamanca)

Apart from the narrow streets and the beautiful El Bosque Historical and Artistic Garden, Bexar has many options in case it rains, such as the Mateo Hernandez Sculpture Museum, the Valeriano Salas Museum, or the David Melul Jewish Museum. Also pay attention to the Doge’s Palace, textile mill route or the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora del Castañar. And to restore strength, Bejarano ceramics!

Spanish cities for rainy days El Escorial


El Escorial (Madrid)

Less than fifty kilometers from Madrid is San Lorenzo de El Escorial, with its famous monastery, one of the biggest tourist attractions. In addition, the municipality shares architecture with buildings in the style of the Herrerian renaissance at the foot of Mount Abanthos. This is one of the cities where you can eat better as Madrid’s mountains have some of the best restaurants like El Charolés.

cities in spain perfect for rainy days valverde de los arroyos


Valverde de los Arroyos (Guadalajara)

If you go to Valverde de los Arroyos, one of the most beautiful towns on the Ruta de los Pueblos Negros, don’t miss the parish church of San Ildefonso, the Virgen de Gracia hermitage or the ethnological museum. Except you will discover Chorreras de Despeñalaguamany staggered waterfalls 120 meters high, even more impressive in the rainy or thaw season.

Cities in Spain perfect for rainy days Figueres Gerona


Figueres (Girona)

Figueres has an important monumental heritage in which its medieval walls, the Rambla, the San Fernando Castle, the San Sebastian Chapel or the Capuchin Monastery stand out, as well as many examples of modernist and neoclassical architecture. Known for being the birthplace Salvador Dali, in Figueres you will discover his Theatre-Museum, the perfect place for rainy days.

Cities in Spain are perfect for rainy days Grazalema

The most beautiful cities in Spain.org

Grazalema (Cadiz)

Here we present one of the coolest cities in Andalusia in summer: Grazalema. Don’t be fooled by its position in the south of Spain, as its rainfall index is the highest on the peninsula.. Its white houses with reddish tiles along the steep streets give it a very picturesque look. Set in limestone, it is surrounded by forests and nature. very authentic.

Cities in Spain are perfect for Trujillo's rainy days


Trujillo (Caceres)

Nestled between the Las Vegas rivers Tahoe and Guadiana, Trujillo is home to important churches, castles and manors which are built around the Plaza Mayor. Take advantage of the rainy days to visit the interior of the Church of Santa Maria la Mayor, the Coria Museum, the Church of San Martin, the Planetarium or the Pizarro House Museum.

cities in spain perfect for rainy days garajonay national park


Garajonay National Park (La Gomera)

La Gomera is home to one of the most visited national parks in Spain: the Garajonay National Park, which occupies about one tenth of the island. Between them mosses, ferns and lichens are mixed. almost perpetual fog throughout this area. Walking the trails through the fog is the most mysterious and magical adventure.

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pueblos de España perfectos para días de lluvia

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