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50 Italian girl names that sound good in Spanish (with their meaning)


nombres niña italianos

Compliments! It’s ragaza! If you already know the gender of your baby and are expecting a beautiful baby girl, you have probably started looking for the perfect girl name. And maybe it occurred to you to find an Italian name for a girl.. You may have an Italian family or background, or perhaps you just fell in love with this beautiful Romance language.

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Be that as it may, today we want to help you find beautiful female names in this language. To do this, we first asked ourselves which female name is most often used in Italy.. And you’ll be surprised to know, but it’s Mary. According to a study published Ancestors.

However, this is not the only beautiful name we find in this language. There is a precious one that means abundance and prosperity: Fortune, the goddess of mythology, who was responsible for managing chance and luck.. Or maybe you’re curious about how your name sounds in Italian, or one you’ve already come up with.

If you like names in other languages, here we have French female names, Basque names and Galician names.

In any case, today we bring you the names of girls in Italian that you will fall in love with. So take a look at the list and you will definitely find what you are looking for..

italian names for girls

  • Dawn. Its meaning is “dawn”.
  • Antonella. It means “a woman of great dignity.”
  • Alda. Its meaning is “noble”.
  • Amadeus. It means “one who loves God.”
  • Georgia. “He who works on the earth.” “Farmer”.
  • Greta. It means “pearl”.
  • Karina. Its meaning is “most loved”.
  • Leah. “Herald of Good News”.
  • Mariella. Diminutive of Mary.
  • Francesca. Its meaning is “one that comes from France.”
  • Constance. It means “one that is constant”, “firm”.
  • peep “Delivered” “completed”.
  • Stella. It means “heavenly star”.
  • Sofia. Its meaning is “wisdom”.
  • Donna. It comes from Donia.
  • Cecilia. Comes from the name Cecilia.
  • Libya. Its meaning is “envy”.
  • Serena. It means “calm”, “serene”.
  • Beatrice. Its meaning is “one who brings joy.”
  • Angelica. It means “angelic”.
  • Jada. Its meaning is “jade”.
  • Robert. “Brilliant Glory”
  • Emily. It means “flatterer”.
  • Felician. Its meaning is “a happy and fortunate woman.”
  • Susanna. It means “lilac”, “pink”.
  • lionetta. Its meaning is “little lioness”.
  • Corinne. It means “girl”.
  • Orasia. Its meaning is “keeper of time”.
  • Patricia. “Woman of nobility.”
  • Pearl. “Pearl”.
  • Agate. It means “good”.
  • Rosella. “Rose”, “beautiful flower”.
  • Silvia. Its meaning is “native of the forests”.
  • Bravery. “Strong”, “brave and fighter”.
  • Augustine. It comes from the name August.
  • Nicoletta. It means “victory of the people”.
  • Paola. “Small”, “modest”.
  • Vincenza. The female name Vicente means “to conquer”.
  • Diletta. Its meaning is “beloved”.
  • Zia. The name of the type of grain refers to agriculture.
  • Gemstone “Gemstone”.
  • electra. Its meaning is “golden”, “brilliant”.
  • Allegra. It means “joyful”.
  • Vivian. Its meaning is “alive”.
  • Ophelia. It means “help”.
  • Bernard. Its meaning is “brave and bold as a bear”.
  • Hope. It means “wait”.
  • Geraldine. Its meaning is “strong”.
  • Baby. It means “such”.
  • Glory. “Glory.”

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