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The new director of the event spoke about the next edition of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week


Meeting with Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week from 19 to 23 April. Showcasing new collections of bridal, bridal, formal wear and accessories, the international event reaffirms its winning format between fashion shows, events and themed nights. Everything revolves around the showroom, where brands from all over the world bring the latest trends to customers. New for the next edition is a change in the direction of the event, as a result of which a new director is appointed, who will continue the excellent work done over the past 8 years by the Italian Estermaria Laruccia. The new face of the event will be Albasari Dear (below): let’s get to know her better…

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

courtesy of the brand

What does it mean to you to be part of the international wedding system?

“First of all, it is pride, emotions, as well as a great responsibility to brands and the market, buyers, distributors and retailers, brides … in a word, all those who make up the ecosystem of wedding fashion professionals. We are currently working on organizing the next edition of BBFW with the passion and professionalism required by the industry’s leading global event. My contribution will be to share my knowledge of fashion and bridal wear in order to bring this great event closer to the needs of our exhibitors and buyers.”

What values ​​have you found and what do you want to improve?

“All core values, including the concept of evolution, have always been fully integrated into the overall discourse of the event. Now we would like to anticipate the times and changes of a particularly dynamic market that reflects the interests, needs and consumption habits of new generations more than other sectors. The goal is to continue to promote our ideals of innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and connection to the arts through ‘storytelling’, that is, storytelling through facts, always hand in hand with storytelling.”

The most interesting piece of news we’ll see in the April issue?

“Special focus on sustainability, craftsmanship and recognition of brands that offer the highest quality and are part of our principles and values. It is too early for details, we cannot yet anticipate many of the initiatives that are currently under development.”

How do you see the wedding industry now?

“As we expected, after two years of immobility, there has been a boom in weddings, among those postponed due to the pandemic and many others joining. The sector is experiencing a very positive moment and brands will need to look to the future, developing the most appropriate market strategies for each country.”

What are your expectations for the next release?

“Our event will evolve by offering creative innovations to meet the current demand, both professional and end-user, with particular attention to the offer. After all, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important value for new generations, not only from an environmental point of view, but also from a social and economic point of view. We are working to bring this aspect to the reality of the event, in a tangible way, not only in the materials we will use in the decorations, but also in other areas: concepts such as km 0 and the luxury of uniqueness. switch in favor of craftsmanship, local handmade product. Dress design and tailoring is a profession, one of the oldest, and always the result of creativity, passion and a job well done, which also comes from the ability to balance tradition and innovation. This is exactly the concept that we want to offer starting from BBFW 2023.”

Source: Elle


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