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Astrological Predictions: Use the Energy of Aries Courage to Move


Last Tuesday (21) we had the Sun enter Aries in the sky. This moment requires movement and decisions. According to the predictions, it’s time to use this energy of courage and assertiveness for movement!

Intuition is extremely sharp these days, listen to what yours is telling you! — Photo: Reproduction/Freepik/ND

This Monday (27) is a great day for exercise. It is possible that the situation will worsen, and people will become more reactive. Be a little more careful with impulsiveness and take a deep breath if you or someone close to you is getting impatient.

Assess: What would you like to see flowing in every area of ​​your life from now on? Your health, career, moments of self-care… Write because it’s very interesting to have a centralized place to store your notes, feelings and thoughts.

In addition, intuition is extremely sharp these days, listen to what yours tells you! Do the actions that your instinct tells you to do, even if they are internal actions now.

Channel your energy into abundance, spreading good things, spirituality and love. Focus on what you can do good for your life, because the happier you are, the more you will have the strength to help and transform the team, and this is only possible with positive thoughts and prayers.

Check out the astrological forecasts for the week:

March 27 | Monday

Moon in Gemini. What’s the point in our plans to stay in the mind? This is why the complementary opposite of Gemini is Sagittarius, who teaches us that we need to get out of our “warm” comfort zone and take action.

March 28 | Tuesday

Moon in Cancer. The Moon feels “at home” in the sign of Cancer and is the ruler of this emotional sign. The moon for all of us remains in the energy of the sign for 2.5 days and will affect a certain area (astrological house) of our life. We need to look at our natal moon.

March 29 | Wednesday

Moon in Cancer. Cancer is a water sign and is associated with our emotions. Don’t blame yourself if you feel more quiet or focused. Look inside yourself, what is this feeling trying to tell you?

Cancer is a sign of mother, home, family and care. Do you look at these things with love? Do you have a minute? Do you take care of yourself or expect others to take care of you? Taking care of yourself is the key to good health!

March 30 | Thursday

Moon in Cancer. Intuitive day, but don’t take things to heart! If you feel something that bothers you, stop for a while, ask yourself what brings you this feeling.

Later she enters the sign of Leo, bringing all this energy of joy and creativity! End the day surrounded by people who make you happy, play, dance and jump! Work with your inner child.

Day 31/03 | Friday

Moon in Leo! Leo is the sign of the inner child. Do you remember when you were a child and you weren’t ashamed to be who you are? From jumping, dancing and fun? You were not afraid of other people’s judgments.

When we don’t do something out of fear of judgment, it’s our ego speaking. Ego is not only about “finding” ourselves, but also because we care too much about what others think. Be yourself!

Beware of impatience and wanting things to always go your way.

01/04 | Saturday

We have the Moon in Leo again. The lion is the king of the jungle! He just is, he does not need to show it. This is how people see a leader! He does not need to leave the house, explaining why he is good, he just is! Be yourself, understand your strength. Work on your self-confidence and self-love by practicing, exercising, or taking care of yourself.

04.02 | Sunday

Moon in Virgo. Take care of your body, your habits and daily routine. It’s time to get back to the exercise you’ve been putting off. Do it. Wasting all that energy.

Kisses from astrologer @brunaamaas

Source: Ndmais


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