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Spring cleansing diet to lose 4 kg in 2 weeks


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  • Benefits of a spring cleansing diet
  • how to diet
  • Weekly spring cleansing diet menu

Spring is one of the best times of the year to refresh the body. Not only does he suggest that you put away your warm clothes and take out your summer clothes, or let yourself air out and put away the blankets… “cleanse” our body.

Spring fills our pantry delicious super diuretic and mouth-watering fruits and vegetables. The temperature begins to rise, and we like cocktails, cold creams, salads more. Grab him.

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The dinners that we show you in this video are suitable for a cleansing spring diet.


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The benefits of a cleansing spring diet for weight loss by 4 kg

The body is always in contact with toxins, regardless of whether they come from outside or are produced by itself in metabolic processes. The body has its own resources to eliminate them, however, age, health and physical condition can reduce this detoxification capacity.

To counteract this, we suggest that you follow the spring cleansing diet for two weeks to help you cleanse from the inside, because:

  • kidneys they receive blood and filter the substances dissolved in it and excrete them in the form of urine. To help them you must drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day and take care of them with foods rich in cleansing nutrients.
  • Liver It is your body’s great cleanser: it turns toxins that can be harmful into harmless substances. To help him, it is important to provide him with nutrients that improve his functions. In the cleansing spring diet, you will find a particularly hepatoprotective menu.
  • Smooth digestion and good intestinal transit allow your body to better absorb nutrients, boost defenses, and get rid of everything it doesn’t need. This diet helps protect and strengthen the intestinal flora.

How to spend a spring diet

These are the keys to a cleansing spring diet to lose 4 kilos in two weeks. At the end you will find the menu for the week with all the details.

cleansing breakfast

Glass of water with lemon. As soon as you get up, drink a glass of water with lemon. It has a cleansing, diuretic and remineralizing effect. If you are lazy, leave it cooked the night before next to your table.

Complete breakfasts. Protein will help you stick to your diet without going hungry at all. Feel free to add them to your breakfasts in the form of poached eggs, omelettes, natural tuna or turkey. You will notice a change.

cleansing breakfast


Whole wheat toast with avocado and egg is the perfect option for a cleansing breakfast.

Anti-retention liquid. In the middle of the morning, take an extra dose of vitamins with a green smoothie made from lettuce, carrots, spinach, celery, and apples.

hearty meal

Soup first. Even if we are in the spring, there is always soup, cream or vegetable broth as an appetizer. You will feel full from a very light meal.

Light proteins. Eggs, fish, poultry, rabbit and lean parts of pig. If you don’t take protein, you will feel hungry and have a lack of albumin in your blood, which causes fluid retention.

good fats Needed to absorb vitamins and not gain weight: butter, avocados, nuts…

  • No canned food. If you can’t eat fresh foods, opt for frozen ones that don’t contain salt.
  • Whole rice. Its fiber removes fat from the lymph, cleanses the liver and cleanses the body. In addition, it contains almost no fat.
  • More fibre. To feel more full, accompany the first with a bowl of salad or make it a side dish for the second.

light dinners

We are not saying that you decide the dinner with yogurt and fruit. Dinner is the main meal, so it should give you energy.

Lighten your recipes. In vegetable creams, replace potatoes with zucchini, apple or pear, and cream with 0% cheese. For tortillas, use two egg whites for each yolk and cook them with vegetables like zucchini, spinach, or bell peppers.

Choose easily digestible foods.Artichoke, celery, shrimp, banana… they are all very digestible and make it easier to rest.

  • boiled fruits. The fruits are best digested if they are lightly fried or cooked in the oven or on the grill.
  • Infusions. Round off your dinner with anise, fennel, or linden tea to avoid heaviness.

perfect pantry

There are foods that help to “sweep” our body, helping to eliminate unwanted waste.

Tips for Eating More Fiber for a Grain-Free Breakfast

Include vegetables in all your meals to provide your daily fiber intake.

  • almond. They are very rich in potassium, so they have an excellent diuretic effect. About 20 almonds contain only 120 calories, the same as a serving of fruit. They are also high in fiber (when eaten with the skin on) so they help your body get rid of leftover food so you feel light and full at the same time.
  • Asparagus. Pure fiber without fat and sodium, but with lots of potassium. Result? A very diuretic food that also carries away all the toxins and waste in its path.
  • Kiwi. It’s a real vitamin C and fiber bomb, making it the best known natural laxative. For just 45 kcal, it will help you get rid of fluids and avoid constipation.

drink more water

The more fluid you have in your body, the less it will need to retain it. In addition, we often confuse hunger with thirst. Pay attention to these drinks and drugs because they will help you hydrate and are also diuretic and satiating.

  • Apple diuretic tea. Boil a glass of apple juice, add a tablespoon of red tea, half a cinnamon stick. Insist 2 minutes.
  • Light granite with a laxative effect. Crush the ice with two kiwis. You can add some stevia if you like something sweet. You will repeat!
  • Pineapple smoothie for urinary retention. Mix two slices of pineapple (natural or in its own juice) with the juice of one apple and two carrot blends.
  • Moisturizing green gazpacho. Mix lettuce, parsley, green pepper, garlic, lemon, oil, vinegar, and salt together with low-fat, natural yogurt.

Vitamins and minerals

Add them to your diet and you will see that you are finally able to lose weight and fight fluid retention.

  • Vitamin C The formation of free radicals can cause fluid retention in cells. To counteract this effect, nothing is more effective than vitamin C. In the spring, it can be found in: strawberries, kiwi, lemon, parsley, papaya …
  • Potassium. This mineral is needed to maintain the body’s water balance and compensate for sodium levels. If you smoke, drink a lot of coffee, or are stressed, your body uses more potassium. You’ll find it in: zucchini, potatoes, asparagus…
  • Vitamin B6. This is the key to getting rid of toxins and relieving pressure; if you don’t have enough, your kidneys can’t work properly and you’ll retain more fluid. Eat leeks, spinach, peas, hazelnuts.

infallible habits

Your lifestyle is crucial: sedentary lifestyle, long hours on your feet, constipation, poor sleep, posture… Everything affects, but we have a solution:

  1. sleep on your side This pose promotes good blood circulation. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.
  2. Swimming. This exercise is best to help fight fluid retention.
  3. Dress comfortably. Tight clothing slows circulation and reduces oxygenation.
  4. Creams with caffeine. Apply them twice a day. Choose them with at least 3% caffeine content.
  5. cleansing day Occasionally eat only one yogurt and one fruit per meal and drink unsalted broth.
  6. Cold water. Start your shower at a temperature to your liking, but end it with very cold water on your feet.

weekly spring cleansing diet menu

These weekly menus contain all the foods and nutrients you need so you can cut down without starving.

Download menu in pdf here

1 Week

During the week we begin to cleanse ourselves especially at breakfast: with special herbal teas and no coffee. Creams and soups are the protagonists for both lunch and dinner. You can vary the ingredients to your taste, but do not take more than one plate, so as not to bloat your stomach.


  • Breakfast. Oat flakes (50g) cooked with skimmed milk (200ml) and cinnamon stick + black tea.
  • Food. Cold cream of cucumber and celery + Flounder fillet with vegetables in papillotte + Cottage cheese with 6 hazelnuts and strings of honey.
  • Dinner. Toast with 1 sliced ​​tomato, can of natural tuna and roasted peppers with 3 sliced ​​olives + apple compote.


  • Breakfast. Dandelion Infusion + Whole Grain Bread with Tomatoes, Butter and Fresh Cheese.
  • Food. Lentil-fennel-carrot soup + Grilled chicken breast with green salad and sprouts + Natural fat-free yogurt.
  • Dinner. Zucchini, potatoes, peppers and oregano timbale + Egg on a plate with peas, onions and tomatoes and whole wheat toast + Roasted apple with cinnamon.


  • Breakfast. Natural juice from pineapple, celery and apple + Mini sandwich of whole grain bread with turkey.
  • Food. Vegetable soup with white beans and parsley + Fried rabbit with onion rings and green peppers + Seasonal fruit salad.
  • Dinner. Baked artichokes with salt and pepper + Galician octopus with sweet paprika + Pear compote.


  • Breakfast. Cleansing infusion of horsetail + 2 slices of whole grain bread with strawberry jam.
  • Food. Vegetable broth with parsley and chopped green onions + brown rice with vegetables + red fruit sorbet with stevia.
  • Dinner. Miso Soup with Chopped Green Onions + 2 Sided 1 Yolk Omelette with Wild Asparagus + Pineapple, Pear and Apple Skewers.


  • Breakfast. Corn flakes (30 g) with low-fat yogurt + 1 apple.
  • Food. Endive with guacamole (avocado, tomato, green onion and lemon) + skinless fried chicken with lemon sauce + Fat-free yogurt with chopped kiwi.
  • Dinner. Cream of broccoli with chopped almonds + fried sea bream with onions and tomatoes + Pear compote.


  • Breakfast. Fruit smoothie with natural yogurt + cleansing burdock infusion + 2 whole grain cookies.
  • Food. Brown rice with pine nuts, raisins and cinnamon + Grilled sardines with cherry tomatoes + Grilled pineapple skewers.
  • Dinner. Creamy Mushroom Soup + Whole Grain Toast with Cold Turkey, Low Fat Cheese and Tomato Slices + Chamomile Anise Infusion.


  • Breakfast. Poached egg with 2 slices roasted turkey and 1 slice whole grain bread + rooibos tea.
  • Food. Escarole, celery, pear and caper salad + Vegetable burger (zucchini and onion chopped and mixed with egg, salt, pepper and a little hummus) + Fat-free yogurt.
  • Dinner. Decoction of celery and cabbage with 1 tablespoon of brewer’s yeast + Cod in sauce + Cleansing infusion.

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