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Got more energy? This is the phase of the full moon; understand what is changing


The week begins with the energy of the Full Moon in Leo, which peaked last Saturday (5). When the Moon is in full phase, we can feel more energy, enthusiasm, desire to see people. However, some people may be the opposite: without energy, with headaches and insomnia.

The week starts with the energy of the Full Moon in Leo — Photo: Chevanon Photography/Pexel/Disclosure/ND

See the forecast for the week:

  • 02.06 – MONDAY

We started the day with the Moon in Leo, inviting us to start the week with enthusiasm. At 11:17 the Moon is thrown off course until 18:15 when it enters Virgo. When the Moon is off course, it is important to be more patient, as things can go wrong, and if this happens, take a break, relax.

When the Moon enters Virgo, we will feel an energy more focused on efficiency and utility.

  • 07.02 – TUESDAY

Hello! Tuesday with the Moon all day in Virgo. The day is very auspicious for taking care of your health, going to the doctor, getting a checkup, starting a healthier diet, eating more fruits and even including reading in your day. Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury and is associated with communication, verbal or written.

  • 02.08 – WEDNESDAY

This Wednesday we will have an entire day with Virgo energy. The sun is still in the sign of Aquarius, being a sign aimed at building ideas and ideals, always considering its authenticity. Have you ever thought that what you think is unusual or strange is exactly what you need to create?

The world is waiting for you to become who you are!

  • 09.02 – THURSDAY

Thursday and the Moon has already entered Libra at 5:48 AM. Libra is a diplomatic sign that prioritizes harmony. It is a sign associated with fashion, art and beauty.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the goddess Aphrodite in Greek mythology. Enjoy! Connect with this Libra energy, prioritize what you want and know how to say no. This is a big challenge for this archetype, when you say no, you say yes to yourself. We are in the lunar moon of Aquarius until the Sun enters Pisces, asking us for release!

  • 10.02 – FRIDAY

Sextus and we dawn with the Moon in Libra. At 6:30 AM, the Moon in Libra forms a trine (beneficial aspect) with Mars in Gemini, leaving us with a very clear invitation: the energy of this day is favorable for exploring new things, launching something for everyone to see. Communication is on the rise too, free your voice!

  • 11.02 – SATURDAY

We start the day with the Moon in Libra, and at 3:30 pm the Moon enters Scorpio. Today is the day we can’t charge so much, it might seem like we’re more discouraged, so do whatever you can for free.

If necessary, take the opportunity, walk, talk until everything passes. If you can, set aside a pleasant moment for yourself, even if it is tea with someone and relaxing, it will be wonderful.

  • 12.02 – SUNDAY

Moon day in Scorpio, get ready for a day when emotions will run high. Roast the feeling. Live the feelings that are growing inside and allow yourself to release them when you need to.

Energies of the week are over, see you next Monday! Enjoy and check the content on my Instagram.

Kiss from astrologer @brunaamaas

Source: Ndmais


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