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Shaggy: a haircut that “takes away the years” to achieve the volume that women over 50 ask for in the spring


  • What is a shag haircut?
  • Who invented the shaggy haircut?
  • What is the name of the cut that looks like a mullet?
  • 10 Shaggy Haircuts Women Will Be Wearing in 2024

If you’re bored with flat, stationary haircuts, check out fashionable distressed cut, which returns from the 70s with an updated version filled with bright emotions. This is how they show you shaggy women’s haircuts this will be fashionable in 2024 and we constantly see this on social networks. Which one would you do?

What is a shag haircut?

It’s a scalloped cut with a gradient shape where the top layers are shorter than the bottom layers. The result is a mane with rich texture and movement, as well as a very distinctive rocker look. This haircut suits both straight hair How wavy and curly. On straight hair it allows you to gain thickness and volume; In seconds, it allows you to control volume and show off waves and curls in all their glory.

It is usually combined with edgeeither long and full, or slanted or draped, although this will depend on the type of face you want to adapt to. Moreover, this most versatile cut however, it can be worn short, medium or long, depending on personal characteristics and tastes.

Who invented the shaggy haircut?

Its creation is credited to a New York stylist and barber. Paul McGregorwho created it for Jane Fonda in the 70s, popularized by his role in the film Klute, for which he received an Oscar. The stylist intended it to be a unisex cut, which became an alternative style with a scruffy edge, an icon of the time.

Spanning the 70s and 80s, this version returned to the fore in 2019, albeit with an updated version that we might describe as soft shaggy because it is much softer: midi length, shaded texture and long choppy bangs.

What is the name of the cut that looks like a mullet?

When thinking about rebellious and casual style, many people tend to confusing a shaggy haircut with a mullet, although in fact there are significant differences. Thus, if the shaggy consists of numerous layers, following gradation, then the mullet is different difference in length between back and front. This androgynous haircut keeps the sides of the face clean while keeping bangs and defined sideburns.

The confusion itself may arise from the fused version of both cuts, challette, combining the mullet shape with distressed shag for a rebellious, casual look. You can see it below.

10 Shaggy Haircuts Women Will Be Wearing in 2024

Shaggy women's haircuts: shixiShaggy women's haircuts: shixi


Shaggy women’s haircuts: shixi

Today, the shag haircut can be worn on almost any hair length. It is the case of this cut combine pixie with shaggymaintaining the length of the first and the shape of the second and is ideal for those who prefer short hair.

Shaggy Women's Haircuts: Shaggy BobShaggy Women's Haircuts: Shaggy Bob


Shaggy Women’s Haircuts: Shaggy Bob

Fashionable long hair in 2024 will wear a shaggy style, giving a lot of attitude. It’s about providing intermittent finish to layered hair that changes the usual shape of this classic haircut. Curtain bangs are ideal for both wide and long faces. Definitely a hit!

Shaggy women's haircuts: foreheadShaggy women's haircuts: forehead


Shaggy women’s haircuts: forehead

This shaggy length option with long bob (shoulder length) is one of the most versatile options you can choose. Not only does it rejuvenate and refresh the look thanks to its blendability, but it is also suitable for all face shapes.

Shaggy women's haircuts: midi with bangsShaggy women's haircuts: midi with bangs


Shaggy women’s haircuts: midi

This medium length shaggy hairstyle is one of the most sought after at the moment. Ideal for enhancing attractiveness Wavy hair and to add volume and texture smooth. With such full bangs, it will be very flattering on long faces.

Shaggy women's haircuts: challetteShaggy women's haircuts: challette


Shaggy women’s haircuts: challette

If you prefer to give your shag haircut an androgynous and even more rebellious look, choose this option. merged with the mullet cut which combines the weathering of the former with the shape of the latter. It will look great on you if you have an oval, long or heart-shaped face.

shaggy women's haircutsshaggy women's haircuts


Shaggy women’s haircuts: long

The elongated shaggy version is one of the newest trends for 2024. It is always worn with bangs.Whole, open, exposed, childish, blunt or tilted. Of course, if you have a long face, choose long, thick bangs to avoid weighing down your hairstyle.

Shaggy women's haircuts: with short bangsShaggy women's haircuts: with short bangs


Shaggy women’s haircuts: with short bangs

For the bravest, shaggy is also worn with baby bangs, a style that can significantly soften facial features. It is ideal for styling round, triangular or square shaped faces. The longer the hair, the more contrast it creates. You won’t go unnoticed!

Shaggy women's haircuts: with blunt bangsShaggy women's haircuts: with blunt bangs


Shaggy women’s haircuts: with blunt bangs

Go for trendy straight bangs to give it a special look. polluted air

to your shaggy haircut. It is ideal for enhancing the appearance and adding a subtle finish to the cut.

Shaggy women's haircuts: with curtain bangsShaggy women's haircuts: with curtain bangs


Shaggy women’s haircuts: with curtain bangs

Shaggy cuts with the bangs are open above the forehead They are always a win-win because they look good on any face type, hair texture and length. Plus they are very comfortable!

Shaggy women's haircuts: curlyShaggy women's haircuts: curly


Shaggy women’s haircuts: curly

Shaggy is one of the haircuts offered. more options for curly hair. It is ideal for unloading volume from the sides and thereby preventing curls from flattening. In addition, thanks to bangs, the curls are expressed naturally. Perfect for showcasing bouncy and defined curls!

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