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5 pieces of clothing that a fashion expert will not wear: they visually lengthen and shorten the legs


Prendas que ensanchan: estampado de rayas horizontales

When updating your wardrobe, it is important to consider your personal style and tastes so that you look comfortable and confident in everyday looks. But be careful! You can’t forget to avoid those clothes that are usually not conducive. There are clothes that shorten your legs, widen your hips, and add volume where you don’t want it.. These are clothes that can make you feel uncomfortable in your clothes and even yourself.

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The truth is your everyday look can affect how you look. You can play with different types of clothing and combinations to achieve different visual effects: appear taller or lower, accentuate your hips, shrink your waist, and even make your breasts appear bigger.

Dressing every day shouldn’t be a problem. Letting go of clothes that don’t suit you will help you look even prettier than you are. Fashion experts will help you by revealing 5 pieces of clothing to ditch if you want to style your figure and dress nicely.

5 pieces of clothing that will visually expand and add volume

Today we will focus on clothes that stretch. Clothing that can make you look bulkier. So if your goal is to visually stylize your figure, avoid them, but if you want to see yourself more curvaceous, go for them. Whatever the case, it’s really important to accept yourself. Show your boyfriend!

Clothing that expands: jumpsuit and oversized clothing.


Stretch clothing: overalls and oversized clothing.

Jumpsuits are one-piece garments that can visually impact your look. The truth is that they are very comfortable and versatile, but they are not always flattering when they fit. Monkey They emphasize the hips and do not hide the stomach.. The design of the overalls can also affect: if the neck is round and the legs are straight, it will look even less advantageous.

The same goes for oversized clothes, clothes that are too wide. They are often used to avoid marking and thus hide curves. But this can backfire and will make you look two or three sizes too big.

Stretch: horizontal stripe print


Stretch: horizontal stripe print

In the world of prints, there is one style that should be avoided if your goal is to look more stylized, because wearing this print will make your figure visually wider. We are talking about clothes with a horizontal stripe print. Whether it’s sweaters, dresses, t-shirts or pants, this print has the ability to expand. Avoid this and go with vertical stripes instead.

Flared Clothing: Ruffles


Clothing that expands: ruffles

Ruffles are one of the hottest fashion trends to be noticed this summer 2023. These are the details that adorn a variety of garments, giving them an original and stylish look, but they also give them volume, a lot. volume! They are ideal for those who want to appear larger than their bust and hips, but if this is not your case, avoid them because what they will do is expand your figure.

In general, all the details that create the volume of clothes can also make you bulkier. Clothing with embroidery, sequins and pockets They should also be considered when updating the wardrobe.

clothes stretch yellow


Clothes that stretch: yellow, gold and white

Yes, there are colors that expand the figure. Many of us know that black is the color of confidence because it is elegant, goes with everything, hides everything, and has a slimming effect. But what colors expand? Yellow and gold are shades you should avoid because add volume. Especially when it comes to clothes made of dense and opaque fabrics.

White, the favorite color of many in summer looks, is a color to be careful with. Avoid it in monochromatic images. and even more so if you are short and want to hide the width of your hips.

Clothing that expands


Clothing that expands: flat and closed shoes.

Flat and closed shoes can also be problematic attire if your goal is to style your figure when it comes to dressing up. Stylists agree that while these types of shoes can be very elegant, they make you look shorter and less stylized. Especially if they have round toe and you wear them with high socks and cover your ankles.

On the contrary, open shoes, with a diamond or square toe, heels or wedges, such as sandals or espadrilles, will make your legs longer and your figure slimmer.

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