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Jennifer Lopez dedication necklace to Ben Affleck


Except for the crisis rumors following the viral video at the Grammy Awards. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are living their dream of love and they couldn’t be happier. After showing off his twin tattoo – an infinity symbol with their names for her and two arrows intertwined with their initials for him – J Lo presents a new sign of love which he apparently always carries with him. It’s about gold necklace with three letters hanging from Ben’s name and a small heart. The ability to flash a chain – video after a shower.

Jaylo dedicates the necklace to Ben

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck deny rumors of a possible crisis.
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The pop star wrapped herself in a white bathrobe, wrapped her hair in a towel and takes care of her skin. She says that she considers herself beautiful and bright, and that all the credit is in her beauty product, which she uses in the morning and in the evening and which she recommends to her followers. But as he speaks, the attention of the fans catalyzes the precious a necklace that shines brighter than any serum-treated skin. There are many users who notice this and shower the pop star with a shower of likes, not so much for a cosmetic product, but for tender dedication to husband which he always carries with him, even in the shower.

Jaylo dedicates the necklace to Ben

The Bennifers celebrated their wedding as a couple in 2022.
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Since their flashback in 2021, exactly 20 years after they first met on set. lilies in which J.Lo and Ben fell head over heels in love with each other, the couple is as close-knit as ever. The double wedding was celebrated last summer with a three-day ceremony in Las Vegas on July 16 and one in Georgia on August 20, and a few weeks ago they finalized the purchase of their new home in California. This is a $34.5 million luxury villa in Pacific Palisades with six bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, two kitchens, various living spaces, an outbuilding for friends and, of course, a charming spa area surrounded by greenery. What else to ask?

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