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Alba Carrillo joins the long bob, a haircut popular among people over 40: it takes away the years and enhances the face.


If we started the weekend thinking about getting Amelia Bono’s cutest long haircut, that was it now. Alba Carrillo, the one who made us realize that this hairstyle In the spring this will be one of the most popular in hairdressing. It suits those over 40 and is fresh and youthful at the same time..

Spring is approaching, and with it the desire of our celebrities to cut their hair forever. a much fresher hairstyle with which you can update your look, rejuvenate it and become everything these are girls. Alba Carrillo was the latest to join the long bob, which according to expert Olga G. San BartolomeSuitable for all hair types: from straight to curly, most and least voluminous.

Alba CarrilloAlba Carrillo



Haircut long bob This is one of the most sought-after products in hair salons in recent weeks. looks great on women over 40 (and blondes, as we’ve already seen with our favorite celebrities) and sculpt a facebecause since it is cut at shoulder level, it creates a natural lifting effect that surrounds the face and greatly emphasizes his facial features.

Long bob is a very cool haircut. stylerwhich is cut right at the level of the chin, otherwise it would be a haircut on the collarbones, and which It is suitable for any woman because, thanks to its enveloping effect, it suits all face types..

long boblong bob


However, as with any other hairstyle, we can adjust this cut depending on the characteristics of our hair to achieve a result that suits us more. On one side If we have good hair, we can play with layers and highlights to achieve a greater sense of volume.which we will improve if we trim the ends, like with wavy hairwhere layers invite us to play with volumes.

If we have thick and straight hair, a straight haircut is best.so that they weigh and the hairstyle is easier to style, but if our hair is too curly, we need be careful with pruning to prevent excessive frizz or blurring of the natural shape of the curls.


Some hairstyles we’ll love this spring if we want to try cutting our hair. long bobare the following:

  • We can do it long bob with long bangs that fall on the hair and give a feeling of freshness. It suits women with round or square faces. We can also choose bangs butterfly, a super trendy hairstyle with slightly wavy or short ends, giving our hairstyle a youthful look. remember, that Bangs suit all women and soften the face.
  • Along bob textured It will help us get more volume if we play with blunt and pointed ones. Is ideal for fine and straight hair and will help us achieve the most natural result.
  • A long wavy bob: this is the version long bob The ends of the haircut are straight, slightly pointed at the front strands, with long, structured and thin layers that help us achieve a greater sense of movement.

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