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10 Most Powerful Pokemon That Ash Couldn’t Catch in the Anime


10 Most Powerful Pokemon That Ash Couldn’t Catch in the Anime

Ash had extremely colorful companions during his long journey in the Pokemon anime, such as his Charizard or Pikachu himself. But something common that happened to the boy was that he was unable to catch the small creature or for some reason let one of them have its way.

In this list you can see 10 Strongest Pokemon Ash Couldn’t Catch!

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Spearou not one of the most outstanding Pokemon in the franchise, but Ash I came across a unique asset. In the first episode, a boy tries to catch it but is unsuccessful as he is attacked by the creature.

Many episodes later, upon returning to the city Pallet, Ash finds another chance to capture Spearou, fails again. But the Pokemon remembers the main character and brings with it new problems, but showing that that Spearow will Great leader.

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Togepi – a Pokémon that became famous for always being cuddled Misty, even before its appearance in games. But despite this, Ash had a brief chance to become the owner of this little creature.

In the episode Who will get Togepi?the egg that Ash found begins to hatch in his arms, but Misty catches it soon after, revealing a small Togepi and becoming its owner, as she was the first person the Pokémon saw. If Ash had continued to hold the egg, perhaps Togepi would have been part of his team.

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Jinx it’s like pokemon Ice who doesn’t appear often in the anime, but Ash has already tried to catch him. In the episode Holiday in La Jinx The boys encounter a small creature and the protagonist tries to catch it, but realizes that the Pokeball is not working, revealing that it already has an owner.

Ash then discovers that Jinx is from Santa Claus and the group then decides to return it to its owner. Impossibility Rule catch a Pokemon from another trainer in the franchise are bypassed from time to time, as in the case of Mewtwo who created a kind of Pokeball that could do this, but Ash never had access to it.

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Even though he became a Pokemon Master, Ash sometimes he showed himself to be someone unskilled, mainly for catching small creatures. During his journey he tried to capture Dunspars twice and failed both times.

The first happened in the area of ​​the city. Unova where when trying to capture Dunspars he is surprised by Screech, who leaves Ash and his friends paralyzed to make the Pokemon run away. Then in the area of KalosThe main character has one more chance to catch the Pokemon, but he realizes that he didn’t have it. Pokeball try.

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Grubbin This is another Pokemon that Ash had several opportunities to catch but failed to catch. The boy finds a small creature that looks like a beetle. Alola, but this scares him, forcing him to hide underground. The main character is still trying follow the trail of pokemonbut soon realizes that he will not be able to find him.

Back in the Alola region, he has another chance to catch Grubbin and put it down Pikachu in battle to weaken him. The problem is that the opponent hits Ash’s Pokemon so hard that he has to back offmissing another opportunity to catch the little creature.

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Bye Ash is in the Johto region, he receives the task of delivering an egg to Professor Elm. Before you finish hatching the egg, show it is small. Larvitate, Rock and Ground type Pokemon. The little creature is very reserved and does not like to get close to other people except Ash.

Then it was decided that the boy would take Larvitar to Mount Silver reunited with his mother. The Pokémon then remains in Ash’s group for a while, but the boy does not officially catch it. Upon arrival at the destination, the main character decides: leave him with his mothermissing out on the opportunity to have a little monster on the team.

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During the final episodes Ash the boy returns to Hoenn and finds LatiasLegendary Pokémon of the region, Dragon and Psychic types. The little creature was seriously injured, and the main character decides to help him by restoring his strength.

After this, the legendary character follows Ash for a while until he asks for help finding him. Latios. Once again, the main character decides to help Latias reunite with another small creature. While traveling with him for a short time, Ash had several opportunities to catch Latias, but decided it was better not to.

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Victini is a Psychic and Fire type Pokémon that appears in the films. White Pokemon and Black Pokemon. In the film, the small creature becomes very attached to Ash, helping the boy even before opening up to him.

Throughout the film they grow closer and Ash ends up freeing Victini from the barrier it kept him trapped there. Then the main character could have caught the little creature, but she expressed herself by saying that I wanted to stay there and Ash respected the Pokemon’s wishes.

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Although legendary characters appear in the Pokemon anime, many of them are more prominent in the franchise’s films. One of the first is Pokemon 2000which shows Giraldan capturing Zaptos, Moltres and Articuno to be able to achieve Lugiabut as a result, this process changes the balance of natural forces.

Ash eventually reunites with Lugia to help him save the other legendary birds and restore world order. After going through some experiences that almost cost him his life, the conflict is resolved and the legendary can return to rest. Ash could caught the legendarybut the impact they can have on the world can be gigantic.

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In Pokémon Sun and Moon Ash take care of the little one Cosmog, not really knowing how powerful this little creature would become in the future. After some time with the main character and his friends, he evolves into Solgaleoa legendary Steel and Psychic-type character from the Alola region.

Solgaleo is extremely important for salvation Lusamine Ultra Space and also helps restore Lunala and Necrozma from the hands of Team R. After the conflicts are resolved Ash decides to let Solgaleo go its own way, missing out on another chance to get the legendary Pokémon.

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