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Nuria Roca will sell a white shirt with sequins at Mango that elegant people over 50 will wear even with jeans.


One of our celebrities wearing a white shirt? So we’re going to see what she looks like! Yes it is basic wardrobe This is the model that deserves to become part of the impeccable clothing collection of every stylish woman. Nuria Roca knows this well, and she has several tools with which she can take her appearance to the top. Now he’s done it with one of the Mangoes who was watching during his program Rock and it’s full of special details.

Relatively white shirts are worried, The range of possibilities is incredibly wide. These basic clothes are available in countless fabrics, with a variety of silhouettes and details that can change the situation in the most beautiful ways. Nuria Roca just demonstrated it. With white shirt Mango what attracts attention because his sparkles. How are you reading this? The presenter very elegantly and flatteringly joined the trend of this holiday detail.

The white Mango sequin shirt is perfect for the office.

Don’t overlook glitter because you’ll be wearing it a lot in the coming months. We will notify you as soon as it arrives Christmas, They will be great heroes in dresses, skirts, jackets, blouses… But if you are one of those who, like Nuria Roca, does not want to wait until then, you have the opportunity to wear them right now in looks for those who want . days when you want to be more dressed up. White shirt, like Mango’s. which she signed is the perfect way to wear them now.

Nuria Roca


White Mango shirt signed by Nuria Roca. It is characterized by other details that are very flattering in addition to its glitter. It is a flowy garment that is very comfortable to wear, its fabric has translucent details that give a bold and rejuvenating look, and its cuffs, lapels and collars gain prominence due to the fact that the color white, if possible, is more visible on them.

How Nuria Roca combined a Mango shirt with classic trousers

Except, Nuria Roca showed us what we liked. A priori, you might think that a shirt with sequins is difficult to combine for a working image. Well, she did it flawlessly. The presenter showed that only a few are needed fashionable classic trousers for a great look.

Nuria Roca united his white Mango shirt with some fuchsia trousers. With their help, he created the most flattering and rejuvenating color combination. He also joined the trend of baggy pants, which don’t mark anything and create a cool effect when worn with a high waist that fits snugly at the waist. And the fundamental ones are his tweezerswhich enhance the styling effect in the most refined way.

Nuria Roca put on her shirt in one of the fashionable looks of the season. The presenter tucked the front part under her trousers, revealing a high waist and a pink belt to enhance the waist-slimming effect, and left the rest of the outfit out. The perfect way to add a casual touch to your look.

Several high heel sandals This time, these shoes were chosen to highlight the fashionable basic look of the original sizes. A set that can be combined with other types of flat shoes, e.g. several moccasins or ballet shoesit would also be ten.

Sequined shirts emulating Nuria Roca’s look

Although Nuria Roca Mango Shirt At the moment it is not in the company’s online store, we have listed other offers so that you can add it to your wardrobe now.

ASOS Sequin Shirt
Guess sequin shirt

Guess (REF-W2BH69KBDV0)

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