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Isabelle Preisler shines in a +60 guest dress with a wrap and trendy color: she does tipin and hides her hands


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Entertaining! We can’t think of a better word to describe the latter. guest image of Isabelle Preisler. We are looking forward to July 8 to see what dress she will surprise us with at the wedding of Tamara Falko and Inigo Oniyeva. But before we saw her as the liaison between Sol Medina and Pedro Dominguez-Majon, she fell in love with guest look +60 who has everything for success.

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We know Isabelle Preysler as the queen of elegance for a reason. In each case, she knows exactly what to wear and how to dress the best. AND at this wedding in Seville there were no less. Tamara Falco’s mother wore a dress that made her look very flattering and stylish due to fashion details like its color and shape. If you have a wedding coming up, pay attention, because we will tell you everything about your look in case you want to take into account his proposal. Value!

Isabelle Preysler guest dress trend color

Isabelle Preisler chose one of the season’s trendy colors for her guest dress. Pink means a lot. In different shades, it helps to look elegant, sophisticated, rejuvenated … And she wore it in one of the most beautiful versions. Isabelle chose powdery pink. This is a very romantic color that deserves such occasions. Plus it looks great on her. contrast it does with the color of her mane.

Isabella Preisler


Gorgeous effect of Isabelle Preysler wrap dress

What can we say about its form. Isabelle Preisler chose one of the most appropriate silhouettes. Mother Tamara Falko put on a guest wrap dress.. This is a type of silhouette that is characterized by crossing and gathering at the waist in front. In this way to get visual effect of size removal. Something that further enhances this design with a cutout marked at the waist and draping at the front of the skirt. Magic result!

Isabelle Preysler guest dress with long sleeves

Besides, although the wedding was in Seville and the heat had taken its toll, Isabelle Preisler preferred long sleeve dress. To keep warm, at this time of the year we usually wear French, short or sleeveless guest dresses. But there are cool fabrics that allow that we wear long sleeves if what we want is select it like this hide weapons. This is exactly what she did with a body characterized by simplicity and classic style.

Elegant guest accessories by Isabelle Preysler

As for how she finished her look, Isabelle Preisler opted for subtlety. Far from contrasting shoes and accessories, he continued this line of neutral tones with a matching purse and nude high-heeled shoes.

What should not be overlooked They are your accessories. What stood out the most was her impressive pearl necklace. Jewel he blinded and achieved spice up the dress. A few pearl earrings and a gold ring were her choice to make her look sophisticated.

Light and original guest hairstyle Isabelle Preysler

And don’t overlook her hairstyle! This season is in trend to wear simple guest hairstyles and it doesn’t require much complications in doing so. Isabelle Preysler succumbed to this by letting her hair down and wearing headband the same color as her dress.

An inexpensive clone of Isabelle Preisler’s guest dress.

Inspired by Isabelle Preisler, we signed guest dress similar to hers and we found this from SHEIN, which will make you a hit at your next events.

SHE in the dress

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