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Euphoria Season 3 Premiere Delayed Due to Writers Strike Euphoria Season 3 Premiere Postponed Due to Writers Strike


‘Euphoria’ season 3 postponed due to writers’ strike

‘Euphoria’ season 3 postponed due to writers’ strike

Third season euphoria is one of the most anticipated performances HBO Max. However, with the writers’ strike and previous commitments to Sam Levinsoncreator of the title, the series is not due to enter service before 2025. streaming.

Second Francesca Orsian HBO executive, Euphoria started writing around the same time as another Levinson series, idol and now he would be very busy with post-production your other works. Another obstacle to the start of filming the third part of the program will also be the schedule of the star. Zendaya which would be filled at the moment (via TvLine).

Actress Zendaya

Zendaya’s schedule is also one of the reasons for Euphoria’s delay.

With the writers on strike and all these aggravating factors, the next season of Euphoria will only see the light of day. mid 2025 and even then one would expect a quick resolution of the strike issue and depend on the plans of both Levinson and Zendaya. The series was originally planned premiere in 2024 and now the gap between the second and third seasons will be even longer than between the first and second seasons.

series Last of us This White Lotus will also be delayed due to the writers’ strike and also due to return only in 2025.

The previous two seasons of Euphoria are available on HBO Max.

But also you? What are your expectations for the next season of Euphoria? Share with us in the comments!

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