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All Disney Live-Action Remakes Confirmed After The Little Mermaid All Disney Live-Action Remakes Confirmed After The Little Mermaid


Every Disney Live-Action Remake Confirmed Since The Little Mermaid

Every Disney Live-Action Remake Confirmed Since The Little Mermaid

In recent years Disney decided that he would adapt several of his classic animations in a new format with real actors. Since then, consecrated works such as The beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Mowgli the wolf boy, Peter Pan and even Cinderella already won versions in live action – and much more!

With the launch Mermaid inevitable, it doesn’t look like the studio should stop the trend remakes so early. That is why we have chosen here all films in live action adapted from animation Disney Announced for years to come!

For this list, we’re only relying on features that are already in active development or that contain additional information about the cast and production team. Therefore, we do not mention the alleged remake V The Hunchback of Notre Dame and no movie spin off from Prince Anders V Aladdin, which, although we have already been announced, have not yet received any progress in the studio.

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snow White

After release Mermaidnext live action that will hit theaters, this is a retelling Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the classic 1937 film that started the studio’s extensive list of animated films. The film will star Rachel Zegler This Gal Gadot starring Snow White and the Evil Queen, respectively.

Direction to Mark Webb (Spectacular Spider-Man), and the author of the script Erin Cressida Wilson (V The girl on the train) This Greta Gerwig (V Barbie). To avoid negative stereotypes, live action there will be no seven dwarfs to be replaced by magical creatures – and thus only be named snow White. The film will be released on the day March 22, 2024to the cinema.

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Mufasa: The Lion King

After a huge commercial success The Lion Kingfrom 2019 to Disney will continue the franchise with Mufasa: The Lion Kingone prequel which will tell a little more about the father’s story Simba and its origins, as well as the history Scar and how he became a tyrant in the making.

Aaron Pierre This Calvin Harrison Jr. will give life and voices to Mufasa and Scar respectively. Direction to Barry Jenkins (V Moonlight – Under the moonlight), and the script will write Jeff Nathanson (Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge). The premiere is scheduled for July 5, 2024to the cinema.

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Lilo and Stitch

While previous projects will have an exclusive theatrical release before reaching Disney+platform Mr. streaming will also have their own exclusive releases. This is the case Lilo and Stitchnew version of the 2002 cartoon, director Camp Dean Fleischer. Filming has already begun and should be completed soon.

The function will bring Maya Kealoha How lilo This Sydney Agudong in the role Nani. The voice cast will consist of Chris Sanders (stitch), Zach Galifianakis (Jumba Jukiba). We don’t know yet when the movie will be released, but thanks to the already advanced records, it’s very likely that it will make it to Disney+ already next year.

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One of the projects that many fans want to see and is still in the early stages of production is live action V Herculesadaptation of the classic 1997 cartoon. remake was announced in 2020 and we already know what it will be directed by Guy Ritchie (V Sherlock Holmes It’s from live action remake V Aladdin), and the script is written Dave Callaham (Ant-Man).

The curious thing about this function is that it is created Joe and Anthony Russothe same directors Avengers: Infinity War. They already said that the film will be a musical, but it will be heavily influenced by the current culture. tik tak. There is no word yet on the cast or release date of the film.

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The sword was the law

Announced in 2018, remake V The sword was the law is another project that has attracted a lot of attention from fans despite the meager production news. The film will be based on the 1963 cartoon, which, in turn, will tell a little about the story of a young man. King Arthur before he draws the legendary sword Excalibur stone.

The film still doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but it should be directed by a director. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (V Extermination 2 This intruders), and its script is being developed Brian Cogman (Game of Thrones). Considering how unknown the animation is to the general public, it is highly likely that the release will happen directly on Disney+.

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Cycle closure Golden age animations, there are only two films of that time that won their own adaptation in live action – and one of them has already been announced. Bambithe classic cartoon about a deer that lost its mother and needs to find its place in the forest should get its own version live actionno release date has yet been announced.

At the time of this writing, details about the film remain very scarce – so much so that we don’t even know who the director will be. However, the script is already being developed. Geneva Robertson-Dvoret (screenwriter captain marvel) This Lindsey Beer (V Sierra Burgess is a loser). We still don’t know if the film will go to theaters or Disney+.

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In recent years Disney seems to want to spice up animation starring talking animals, and one of the projects already announced for the future is live action remake V aristocrats1970 In the original, we meet a family of cats raised by a wealthy madam, who are soon abandoned in the wild by a jealous butler.

ABOUT live action it was announced in March of this year, which means that it will be a long time before we see the project start off the ground. The film will be directed by questlove – musician and award winner Oscar V Best Documentary in 2021 – and the script will write Will Gluck This Keith Bunin. A release date for the project has not yet been announced.

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Another piece of news that took many by surprise: moanfrom 2016, will also receive adaptation in live action. The project will be led Jared Bush, the same person responsible for scripting the original animation. Moreover, Rock gotta come back to play a demigod Mauialso voicing the character in animation.

Not much is known about the project and it could take a long time to actually get off the ground, but the news has drawn suspicious looks considering the original animation came out less than a decade ago. However, it should be noted that the actress Aulii Cravalhowho made the voice moan in the original, I already said that I would not give life to a character in live action.

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Cruella 2

Finally, after leaving CruellaSince 2021, many fans have been asking if we’ll see another legendary villain (who isn’t even that villain, at least in live action) This fashionista. Well, Disney has already announced that he is to release a sequel, returning Emma Stone like a bandit, although there are few details yet.

What we know is that Craig Gillepsie This Tony McNamara, the respective director and screenwriter of the first film, is expected to return for the sequel. As for the plot, we do not know many details – and it is worth remembering that the project was announced in June 2021, a few days after the launch of the first one. Cruella. It is also unknown if the film will go to theaters or Disney+.

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