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Citadel: The Russo Brothers’ Amazon series is getting a 2nd season and spin-off series Citadel: The Russo Brothers’ Amazon TV series is getting a 2nd season and a spin-off series


Citadel: Amazon series created by the Russo brothers wins second season and spin-off series.

Citadel: Amazon series created by the Russo brothers wins second season and spin-off series.

citadel, a series starring Richard Madden produced by the Russo brothers, which premiered in April this year, has become one of Prime Video’s most successful projects. On this Friday, the 26th, the production received its final episode and with that, it was announced that the production had resumed and would win a second season. But those who wanted a little more about this universe won’t have to wait long, as in 2024 we’ll have a derivative called Citadel: Diana.

According to Amazon, the first season of The Citadel opens with espionage and we will get more products in this very world. Citadel: Diana, the first of which has a small teaser that is presented at the end of the last episode of the first season in a post-credits scene. The performance will take part Matilda De Angelis and will pass in Italy. Despite being scheduled for 2024, streaming has not announced a release date.

Citadel: Diana is the first derivative of the franchise to release in 2024.

In addition to the announcement of the derivative, the adventure Mason Kane and Nadia Sheen it’s not over yet, as the second season of The Citadel has been officially confirmed. David Weil will return as showrunner and is expected to Brothers Russians to continue as producers of a work that does not yet have a forecast of when it will return. Along with the announcement, Prime Video noted that the series had become the second most watched series in the world, despite numbers not being released.

The citadel shows history Mason KaneIn execution Richard Madden This Nadia Shinlived priyanka chopra, two spies work to keep world peace. After graduating from their organization, they have memory erased and live normally for 8 years, when for some reason they reactivated, relearning all your skills to defeat those who seek to control the world from the shadows. The first season has 6 episodeswhich are all available on Prime video.

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