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Vin Diesel stress behind the scenes of Fast and Furious Vin Diesel stress behind the scenes of Fast and Furious


Vin Diesel stress behind the scenes of Fast and Furious

Vin Diesel stress behind the scenes of Fast and Furious

What Dwayne Johnson left the franchise fast and furious due to disagreements with the actor VIN diesel almost all fans of the work know. What people may not know is that some of the actor’s actions behind the scenes caused inconvenience to colleagues, and this may have been the reason for the director’s departure. Justin Linwho has been working on this feature for many years.

According to the El País website, Diesel posted on his Instagram account with Lin early in filming. tenth series of films and often asked his former colleague what he thought of this project. Even though his responses were positive, the expressions were not credible, prompting netizens to create several memes in which Diesel was actually holding Lin. captive to make you say such things.

Time passed, and then came the announcement of Lin’s departure from the franchise, which was immediately replaced Louis Leterrier (Incredible Hook), which took fans by surprise due to the fact that the former director was already involved in the saga. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, several creative differences between Lin and Diesel were the reason for this departure. Even during filming, the actor continued to make various notes on Lin’s script, increasing in degree until the director simply said enough was enough and stated that “this movie is not worth your mental health.”

Several of Diesel’s other colleagues even complained about his attitude backstage. It is claimed that the actor has always been demanding last minute changeswhich slowed down the progress of work, and also almost always ended in being late for shooting, unprepared and not knowing its lines.

Actors Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel

The controversy with The Rock is just the tip of the iceberg of Vin Diesel’s behind-the-scenes behavior in the franchise.

This lack of professionalism was also one of the many reasons for his controversy with Dwayne Johnson. In a post on his personal Instagram account, Johnson categorically described how unprofessional “some of the actors” bothered him, although he did not name names directly.

“Some colleagues are true professionals, while others are not. […] When you watch the movie, if you think that in some scenes I do not act and my blood really boils, you will be right.Johnson wrote, although the post has since been removed from his page.

After several other woes involving the two actors, Johnson did not return for the ninth installment of the franchise, but Vin Diesel tried to bring him back for the tenth, with little success. Johnson even called him a manipulator for using the name of the deceased. Paul Walkabout your own children to try and soften you possible return. Despite all this, Johnson ended up returning to the Fast and the Furious cast, reprising his role in the scene, but all indications are that he will be more involved in future feature films. who promise to close the franchise.

The point is that Vin Diesel’s ego did create problems behind the scenes of Fast & Furious, but it’s also undeniable that he also steered the franchise to make it one of the greatest successes in history. Universal pictureseven surpassing Jurassic Park at the register.

Fast & Furious X is now available in theaters nationwide.

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