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Love and Death: What Happened to Candy Montgomery? See what she looks like today “Love and Death: What Ever Happened to Candy Montgomery”? Look how she is today


Love and Death: What Happened to Candy Montgomery? Look how she is today

Love and Death: What Happened to Candy Montgomery? Look how she is today

If you have watched the mini-series love and deathwho has just arrived in HBO Max (only soon Max), you are probably wondering what happened to Candy Montgomery after she was accused of killing a close friend, Betty Gore. The tragedy has already been presented in audiovisual media several times, whether it be in documentaries or in fictional productions such as the one starring Elizabeth Olsen, but how is Candy doing these days?

As the show reveals, Candy Montgomery was framed for the murder of Betty Gore that day. June 13, 1980. The murder was motivated by Candy’s extramarital relationship with her husband, Betty. Allan Gore. Betty, in turn, told her friend about the betrayal, which eventually led them to a physical fight, ending with Horus being killed with an axe.

The HBO Max series Love and Death is about the tragic murder of Betty Gore.

Judging by the involvement of the police in this case, the investigation and evidence from the crime scene quickly linked the crime to Candy Montgomery. After being framed, Candy denied the accusations, claiming in court that she acted for criminal purposes. self defense.

What happened after that was that Candy ended up justified indictment for the murder of Betty Gore in October 1980 by a jury. The explanation used for the measurement came from hypnosis sessions that indicated that Montgomery had experienced “dissociative reaction” during a confrontation with Betty, and that his anger was coming from childhood trauma (via My Imperfect Life).

Candy Montgomery was acquitted on charges of killing a friend.

As a result, after the trial, Candy and her husband, Pat Montgomerydecided to leave Texas, the place where the crime took place, along with their children. The family moved to Georgia, but the couple broke up four years later.

At present, according to Entertainment Weekly (via Style Caster), Candy, who now goes by her maiden name, Candy Wheeler — continues to live in Georgia and, in 72 years old old, works like Therapist next to her daughter.

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