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Ann Igartiburu wore a polka dot shirt that looks great with a skirt at the April fair.


Anne Igartiburu

Spring came! And with it, the countdown to the April fair. We are looking forward to this event, which, in addition to entertainment, will be a great opportunity to show our best side. It’s something that goes beyond flamenco dress, because there are also impeccable looks for those who are not going to wear traditional clothes. Among them are many Polka dot shirt and skirt like Ann Igartiburu.

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Ann Igartiburu showed what image she is going to wear in the next broadcast his program 10 moments from Telemadrid. The host once again showed off her elegance with a combination that made us fall in love and totally blew our minds. to the april fair because he added to the pattern that comes back to us every spring, the one with polka dots

Why did Ann Igartiburu’s polka dot print become a trend?

Every year on these dates moles of different sizes they again take center stage. These drawings are able to lift any look to the top, because they are fun, elegant and rejuvenating. In fact, Piluca de Echegaray, our personal image expert, stylist and fashion consultant, always lists them as one of the prints to look sophisticated with.

Anna Igartiburu Polka Dot Shirt for April Fair

In the case of Ann Igartiburu, she wore them in one of the most classic and flattering ways. Leading shone shirt on a white background with black polka dots maxi which he managed to pair flawlessly with a very special skirt.

Anne Igartiburu polka dot blouse


The skirt worn by Ann Igartiburu with a polka dot shirt.

As we said, Ann Igartiburu paired her polka dot shirt with a smart, off-the-shoulder skirt that she created a very nice contrast with. The leader put lilac tulle skirt with flare. Comfortable clothing because it does not leave marks, is elegant and cleans up for years. You can’t ask for more! Besides, with this offer he left great idea for a guest look. Because we didn’t just come up with this image for the April fair. To go as a guest at an event is also ideal.

The versatility of a polka dot shirt by Anne Igartiburu

And one more problem that we can not help but highlight Anna Igartiburu Polka Dot Shirt the fact is that it is super versatile and can be used not only at the April fair. This is a piece of clothing from which you can get a lot of game. both for events and every day.

As for the flowers it is very easy to combine. The combination of black and white goes with everything. The same can be worn with clothes of one of the two colors, as well as with others. bright colors with which you can create super beautiful contrasts.

About what clothes to wear it with, this polka dot shirt looks great with stylish options like skirts Like Anna, with pleats, sleeveless… Or dress pants. And for a more casual look, some jeans will be your great allies. And depending on the elegance you want to give, it will look better with one or another type of shoe. From the most elegant to athletic sneakersgoes with everything.

We copied Anna Igartiburu’s polka dot shirt.

In the midst of the transfer season for the April Fair, we couldn’t resist looking for options in our favorite shops in the city. blouses like Anna Igartiburu. Below we present you with a few suggestions for you to succeed in a look like hers, or for you to wear them in other sets during the rest of the year. Signing up to get a big match!

Mango polka dot shirt

Handle (REF-47025856-SONIA2-LM)

Massimo Dutti polka dot shirt

Massimo Dutti (REF-9433/952)

Zara polka dot shirt

Zara (REF-8741/048)

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