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Star Wars: The 7 Weirdest Scenes in the Franchise Star Wars: 7 Weirdest Scenes in the Franchise


Star Wars: The 7 Weirdest Scenes From The Franchise

Star Wars: The 7 Weirdest Scenes From The Franchise

star Wars without a doubt one of the most successful franchises in pop culture. After release New Hopein 1977, the Luke Skywalker saga continued to grow larger and larger until it became a great entertainment phenomenon, capturing the hearts of thousands of fans around the world.

But along the way, the franchise began with George Lucas He’s already gone through several controversial moments. Whether it’s the infamous 1978 Christmas special or weird storytelling choices, star Wars it is full of questionable scenes or those that make you hide your face from the embarrassment of other people. It is with this in mind that we decided to recall here 7 weirdest scenes in the franchise!

Not-So-Sweet Star Wars Christmas

Spoke fancy star Wars, spoke about the franchise’s infamous Christmas special. Released in 1978, just one year after the success of the original trilogy’s first film, Star Wars Holiday Special (Star Wars Christmas Special, loosely translated) was a two-hour telecast that was shown on television only once. Even with the promise to tell a funny story with the characters featured in New Hope and even presented Boba Fett for the world, all this turned out to be an endless bizarre.

Despite being known as the “Christmas Special”, the project has nothing to do with the date as it is set close to the date. Thanksgiving Day in the United States where we follow Han Solo trying to take Chewbacca your family in KashyyykWookiee home planet, to commemorate this date.

With the original cast (yeah, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher This Harrison Ford are in the infamous special issue), Star Wars Holiday Special it’s practically a show of the best weirdness you can imagine. With musical snippets that are by far the most bizarre scenes (to say the least) in the show, and acrobatic performances, the staging is what makes George Lucas toss and turn every time someone reminds them of their existence.

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Princess Leia’s infamous golden bikini

If I chose just one freaky thing in the whole universe star Warsfamous golden bikini that Princess Leia used in Return of the Jedi (1983) is the prime candidate for this post. Aside from allegations that Hollywood sexualizes women on camera, Carrie Fisher herself hated wearing the “uniform” in the film, largely due to the context behind the costume.

Leia is shown wearing the infamous bikini during her time as a hostage. Jabba the Huttwhere the princess was the servant of a criminal and still had to endure the chain around her neck. Therefore, much more than just “aged like milk,” the sequences are extremely uncomfortable to watch because the bikinis that Fisher uses are only meant to serve the male gaze, and nothing more.

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The (un)romantic story of Rey and Kylo Ren

Being a franchise that manages to be weird when it wants to, seeing a disappointing kiss between king This Kylo Ren V Rise of Skywalker without a doubt one of the strangest and most uncomfortable things ever star Wars. The last film in the trilogy continuation in itself this is already a setting of a strange choice, but the brief “romance” between the main characters left a very bitter mark on the galactic saga.

That moment comes at the end of the movie when Palpatine’s plans are (again) interrupted. As Ren is about to say goodbye, he and Rey suddenly kiss, in a forced sequence and without the slightest development to justify it.

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Peter Cushing returns to the world of the living

Nowadays, the “rejuvenation” of actors in series and films has become extremely common due to technological advances. star Wars even did it with Mark Hamill in The Mandalorianand although this is already a widespread practice in the industry, everything changes when someone from the dead is tried to be returned to the world of the living.

So it was with the actor Peter Cushingwho was honored in the franchise for interpreting Governor Tarkincommander Darth Vader. The artist died in 1994, but the saga digitally “resurrected” him in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Stories (2016), which sparked an ethical debate over this decision.

The film’s crew received permission to use Cushing’s likeness, but the character’s involvement in the plot is so small that it could easily have been avoided. After all, Peter is no longer with us, and the use of his image only to arouse nostalgia in fans is quite disturbing, especially when considering ethical issues and the future of artificial intelligence in the world.

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Luke and Leia: From Romance to Incest

By this point, everyone knows that when Luke and Leia kissed in star Warsthey didn’t know they were brothers. The kiss scene itself, despite Luke showing interest in the princess from the start, was actually a way Leia found to “get back at” Han Solo.

However, this whole situation is still a little uncomfortable when you watch movies these days, mainly because the big twist wasn’t well thought out to be at least acceptable in the context of the saga. Everything gets worse when Return of the JediLeia tells Luke that, in a way, she has always known about the relationship between them.

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Love is blind

Hated by many and misunderstood by others, the prequel trilogy star Wars it’s also filled with awkward and embarrassing moments. One of them takes place in Revenge of the Sith When Padme Amidala This Anakin Skywalker they begin to discuss who loves the other more in the relationship.

So far so good, after all, who has never been madly in love with someone? The problem, in fact, is that the dialogue is so bad that everything seems extremely forced and bizarre, especially when Anakin says that he loves Padmé because “she’s so beautiful.” Amidala’s answer was simple. “So love has blinded you?”. You don’t have to talk anymore, do you?

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Are droids being tortured?

There is a scene in Return of the Jedi which, if it had gotten a little more attention, probably shouldn’t even have been in an R-rated movie. It’s about the moment when S-3PO This R2-D2 are in the palace of the outlaw Jabba the Hutt and end up running into a droid being tortured by another robot.

But it doesn’t stop there: the scene also suggests that the droids may feel pain, as the hapless robot in the torture chamber screams as it is dismembered.

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