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Delicate images of Kate Middleton with children for Mother’s Day


While in Spain we celebrate Father’s Day, in the United Kingdom they celebrate Mother’s Day and how could it be otherwise, the royal family also wanted to mark the day by sharing some of the most tender family photos on their social media. . The Princes of Wales wanted to show a very beautiful moment in which Kate Middleton appears with her children..

In the photo you can see the Princess of Wales, George, Charlotte and Louis climbing a tree in a very gentle and funny way, because the funniest thing is to see the four of them climbing the branches of a tree. Toddlers smile together with mom in summer outfits in the case of children and spring ones in the case of momas well as sports, as he wears jeans and white sneakers.

Kate Middleton with Louis |  Photo: Matt PorteousKate Middleton with Louis | Photo: Matt Porteous

Alongside the photo, they wrote the words: “Happy Mother’s Day from all your family.”, which undoubtedly pleased Kate Middleton very much. In addition, there is a second photograph in which the Princess of Wales is holding her son Louis of Cambridge in her arms, with whom she can be seen playing. Let us remember that if the youngest of the brothers has always been distinguished by something, it is his spontaneity and sympathy in any act in which he participated.

More memories of mothers

The truth is that this is the first Mother’s Day that King Carlos III lives without his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. It is for this reason that two very beautiful photographs are posted on the official account of the kings of England.. In the case of Carlos, he was seen as an infant climbing onto his mother’s feet and both posed smiling for the camera that portrayed them.

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Another picture shows Queen Consort Camilla smiling alongside her mother in a photograph of them posing very naturally years ago.. There is no doubt that this is the most tender day when everyone should pay tribute to their mother, a fundamental part of everyone’s life.

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