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Photograph of Lady Diana meeting with Flavio Briatore


The Princess of Wales has always had a certain flair for engines, so strong that it’s not uncommon to see her. Lady Diana driving your red Austin Mini Metro or Ford Escort Turbo. Although she wasn’t photographed as often at a car race, one event above all else has gone down in history, and that was when Diana took part in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1994. Then the princess arranged an unusual meeting. in which the symbol of culture British comes into contact with “Made in Italy”: we are obviously talking aboutmeeting between Lady Diana and Flavio Briatore.

In July 1994 Lady Diana decides to attend the British Grand Prix, taking her youngest son Harry with her.who will be 10 years old in two months. Thus, part of the royal family is immortalized in patient anticipation of the start of the race: both mother and son wear a gray-toned jacket paired with a white shirt and maxi skirt for Lady Diana, a striped shirt and trousers for Harry. The two, inseparable, are also photographed as they shed their coats and enjoy the hot summer sun. But that is not all. During the day, Lady Diana visits the paddocks, where she meets Flavio Briatore.

Flavio Briatore and Lady Diana, 1994

Flavio Briatore and Lady Diana, 1994
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While, Briatore plays the role of a Benetton Ford F-1 team manager. and welcomes the members of the royal family to the racing pit, showing them the technical details and pleasant conversation with Lady Diana. The moment was cleverly captured by the photographers, who conveyed the smile and composure of forty-four-year-old Flavio Briatore, the friendliness of Lady Diana and little Harry’s curiosity about the world of engines. Curiosity was passed on to him from his mother, who, unlike other members of the royal family, often and willingly refused a driver, preferring to drive her own car.

Among William and Harry’s memories of Lady Diana’s habit, the current Prince of Wales shared a tender story during a podcast. Time to go Apple Fitness+: “When I was younger, Harry and I went to boarding school. When it’s time to go back to school my mom put all sorts of songs in the car to ward off anxiety. One of the songs stood out to me in particular.which stuck in me all this time and still quite secretly amuses me, this The best Tina Turner.

Prince Harry and Lady Diana at the British Grand Prix

Prince Harry and Lady Diana at the British Grand Prix, 1994
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