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3 Reasons to Watch Flatshare UK’s New Series – Bed for Two


Such a Brit. So romantic. Welcome to the world Apartment: new Series From Paramount+available from March 17, rebranded (find out why…) Bed for two. A terrible translation, we agree, also because it spoils exactly what it should not, and at the same time hints at muddy and painful developments that do not really exist. In short, a communicative disaster in the title. But so be it. In addition to communicative myopia, this Series, 100% English, promises to be the new entertainment for avid romantics and returning singles. For at least three (excellent) reasons, which we will now illustrate.

Is there friendship between a man and a woman?

Let’s start with a story inspired by the book of the same name Beth O’Leary. The main characters are Tiffany and Leon: she is a journalist, he is a medical worker, they live in the same house, more precisely, in the same bed. But not at the same time. In fact, the two never meet: Leon works at night, so he comes home at 8 am and then leaves at 6.30 pm, and Tiffany is busy at work during the day, i.e. in the editorial office of the magazine. Bother. And you say, “These two are crazy.” No, they are just very confused. Leon has a brother in prison and pays legal fees out of his own pocket to exonerate him: hence any economic solution is a huge “yes, thank you” for him. As for Tiffany, she has been diagnosed with Love Deficit Syndrome and is devastated by the breakup with her ex, Justine. Therefore, he does not want other love complications. Thus, Leon is the ideal roommate: he is already busy (his fiancée lives far away, so he only stays with her for the weekend), but, above all, unknown. If it weren’t for the half ton of stickers they start exchanging. During the first few episodes, they actually went from “please sleep on the left side of the bed” to telling each other about anxieties, lives, and personal desires. Why they do not use mobile phones is unknown, but in any case, paper correspondence is very romantic: it is a hybrid of famous love letters and syncopated social twitter (there is not all this space on the post – it is …), searching and waiting. And here’s the romantic hook: halfway through the first episode, you no longer care to figure out why Leon’s brother is in jail, if he’s innocent, or if Tiffany can forget her ex Justine. At this point, you are already in #teamTiffany mode: dream there ship between these two characters who technically could never cross paths. That’s why we root for them. In essence, Leon and Tiffany epitomize impossible love in the era of society 2.0: frenzied, where there is not enough time for anything, not to mention getting to know your neighbor. The fact that the main characters live in the same house is nothing more than a variation on the theme of the question of questions, namely: “Does friendship exist between a man and a woman?” In 2023, we are all ready to answer “Obviously yes” with verified examples from real life, ours or someone else’s. Wish that then you start to see Apartment and hating those who invented the friend zones, as if being “only” friends is a minus.

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Love in one app

And if you’re single – coming back or not – you’ll find that Tiffany is absolutely right. In fact, today it is really difficult to find a reliable man who loves you and with whom you can start a family. And no, dating apps are not a solution at all. Apartment does (in an optimal way) what few shows dare to do: it takes us through the dating hell of Tinder and its ilk. He builds us not on one or two episodes, just to make us smile, but on two whole episodes (the first), at the end of which one really wants to have a get-together – to the cry “Free Tiffany from Tinder”. Just to dispel doubts Apartment then it creates a parallelism between dating apps and online trading of cryptocurrencies: after all, in both cases it is about cost-benefit estimation (okay? what are your interests? what job do you have? what kind of estimate do we give it?) and robbery often not far away. After all, today, as then, there is only one truth: to love each other, you need to know each other. meet. Suffer. And in the end, even Leon and Tiffany will have to deal with this uncomfortable reality.

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Long live Jonah Hauer-King

We dare not notice you. Moe, Tiffany’s best friend, shows up at some point in the first episode and for a moment you wish you were in Your business and change the packages: come on, take Leon and give us Mo. Straightaway. Jonah Hauer-King he literally rocks the screen with his cute smile and good guy charm. The fact that he’s sort of Tiffany’s Obi-Wan Kenobi makes him even more desirable in our eyes: a mature man who knows what he wants. But when will it happen again? Tell us now where to go and find it! Then, of course, the story takes a different direction, and we return to rooting for Leon, but the hope remains to see the actor on TV for a long time. Not long to wait: our prince makes Ariel fall in love with an action movie Mermaid. As for the rest of the cast Bed for two Jessica Brown Findlay (hanging sun) convinces in the role of the protagonist, as well as Anthony Welsh (Master of Nothing, Great) in those that are his roommates. All you have to do is give the costume designer a little speech: it’s okay that they are Londoners, and the British don’t know how to dress, but some of the images (if not all) are creepy … Not to mention the design objects. Houses. More than the portrait of her own vagina hanging on the wall (hell though…), we’re still interested in the gold pineapple ornament. Who could dare to do such a thing? Oh yes, the English.

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