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Nuria Roca falls in love with elegant and stylish wide trousers that look best at 50 with a white blouse.


Nuria Roca

If there is a celebrity who always inspires us with her looks, it is Nuria Roca. Whether it’s when he appears on television, when he goes to an event or to a daily viewing, we look at his proposals because they are a complete success. Last, he left us from his land, Valencia, where he went to the Fallas with a look of wide trousers and The prettiest white blouse ever.

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Nuria Roca scored a great look from those that worth copying to be flawless 24/7. The presenter traveled to Valencia for an off-road day in which she enjoyed the holidays, her family and friends. Nuria knew that she was not going to stop, so she chose a set of clothes with which be comfortable and elegant. His wide pants were the key to achieving this.

Wide trousers of Nuria Roca, full of virtues

Nuria Roca had a great time in Valencia so he put on spring pants They couldn’t have been more flattering. No matter how we look at them, they are full of merit. Her image is an excellent occasion to remind you that wide trousers are in fashion this season. She opted for the maxi version and wore some high-waisted models. Thanks to this, it was possible to achieve the most stylized result, since its shape narrows the waist and creates a visual effect of lengthening the legs. In addition, they are ideal to wear very comfortably, because thanks to They are loose, they do not leave marks and do not tighten. and they are great chill for spring days of good weather.

Nuria Roca with wide trousers


Nuria Roca adds her wide trousers to the color of the spring trend

What can we say about its color! Orange is one of the main trends of 2023 and she incorporated it into her look, giving it all the fame with her pants. It is a bold shade, yet flattering and rejuvenating at the same time. In addition, it was delivered suitable belt with which he increased more, if possible, those effects that made us fall in love.

How Nuria Roca combined wide trousers with a white blouse

In addition, he combined them in the way we like best. Nuria Roca showed that wardrobe item, for example, a white blouse, This is a great ally of this type of pants. The host took it well. to stylize and give youth to your image. From the front, he tucked it into his pants, and left it outside on the side to have a random point from which he left us a great idea. A brown blazer was her suggestion to complete the look on the day between seasons.

also conquered us with your shoes. Nuria Roca could well wear this image with heels or loafers to make it more sophisticated, but she managed to combine her baggy pants with white platform shoes. The most daring, modern and comfortable option, with which you also gained a few extra centimeters.

We copied Nuria Roca wide trousers from El Corte Inglés.

Seeing this, Nuria Roca made us craving with her wide leg pants, so although we don’t know where she’s from, we went shopping. to El Corte Inglés to copy them with similar settings. Here we bring you a few so that you can sign the same perfect look as hers for those off-road days in which you will not lose elegance or comfort.

Orange Wide Leg Pants
Orange Wide Leg Pants
orange pants

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