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A three-color Sfera sailor jumper worn by influencers over 50 with a denim skirt and sneakers.


Ana Antolin

Arrives spring is synonymous with emphasizing the sailor striped print. Every season it comes back to us and it’s something we love because it’s a prime example of how print can be elegant and rejuvenating. Most of all, it shines through knitted sweaters. And now influencer Ana Antolin He showed us how to get a great pair of these garments. with one of the Sphere the most original and with a bardo cut.

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The sailor jumper is the perfect piece to create comfortable and elegant looks this spring. What style are you betting on?

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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about sailor print is classic horizontal stripes in colors like navy blue, red or black combined with black, white or beige. But there are other options that are also ideal. This is a Sfera jersey case that the influencer wore a very springy look that attracted so much attention both in color and shape.

Sfera Sweater Color Blend by Ana Antolin

The Sfera sailor sweater worn by Ana Antolin is characterized by combine multiple colors. Instead of being two-tone, it includes three tones such as blue, white and red, which gives a super original result with an anti-aging effect. We love the offer! And the originality doesn’t end there. in her cleavage it is also a super gift.

Ana Antolin


What is a bardo neckline and to whom does it suit?

This sailor jumper from Sfera has with a bardo cut. This type of neckline is ideal for achieving the effect of breast augmentation and stylization of the collarbone area. One of its strengths is that it suits all types of silhouettes, so you can wear it no matter what. and it’s clear synonymous with elegance. Surely many iconic dresses with such a neckline come to mind, because the glamor with it is more than guaranteed. and take it in everyday life in a sweaterit’s a complete success.

How Ana Antolin combined her Sfera sweater in a modern way

If only she had conquered us with her Sfera sweater, Ana Antolin went further because of how you put it together. The influencer made him the main character of the image original, bold and rejuvenating which is very easy to copy.

Ana Antolin put on her sailor sweater with Zara shirt and denim skirt set. She wore it over her shirt and thus managed to give a special touch to her everyday outfit, in which she looked as comfortable as she was young. Outside of the sweater, he left the sleeves, hem and collar of the shirt, demonstrating originality. And to complete her look, she put on white athletic sneakers with which he gave another youthful touch.

How to wear the most elegant Sfera sailor sweater

In addition, another advantage of the Ana Antolin Sfera jersey is that it its possibilities are endless when it comes to combining it. In addition to wearing it the way the influencer wore it, you can wear it as part of the most simple and elegant basic spring looks. With jeans, with white dress pants, with a denim skirt, or under overalls, these are some of the ways you can combine it. And if you show it no shirts or t-shirts underneath, This will be how you get that sensual touch so perfect that you leave your shoulders bare.

We copied Ana Antolin’s sailor sweater in the Sphere.

Since we liked Ana Antolin’s sailor sweater so much, we left the Sphere and… We found it! We leave it below for you so you can quickly find it and include it in your spring wardrobe. You won’t want to take it off! and worth everything €19.99. Also, we copied the rest of the look so you can replicate it.

sweater sphere

Sphere (REF-58212503906)

Zara denim skirt

Zara (REF-2553/050)

denim shirt

Zara (REF-6929/200)

white nike sneakers

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