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Everything and everywhere, at once, a film with 11 nominations for Oscar 2023


Advertised as “the definitive film about the multiverse”. All Everywhere All at once – Life, the multiverse and all that was distributed in Italy by I Wonder Pictures and, having won box office worldwide, is ready to make its mark on Oscar 2023 with my creativity and artistic audacity (I 11 nominations receipts).

Director Dan Kwan AND Daniel Scheinertan ambitious film based on a 1985 documentary. Sherman March who introduced filmmakers to the concept of modal realism. They studied many professional and scientific theories of the multiverse and were delighted with all the nuances of the theme that could be used in the script for such a film.


Evelyn Wang runs a small laundry, has a teenage daughter who doesn’t understand anymore, a bemused father, and a fruitful marriage. A routine tax audit suddenly becomes the door through which Evelyn is drawn into an exciting and colorful adventure in the most innovative and engaging multiverse ever to hit theaters. Called to save the fate of the universes, she will have to use all her courage to defeat a seemingly unstoppable enemy and restore harmony in her family. A universal story that goes through all possible dimensions of time, space and being. A supremely entertaining yet profound film that combines comedy, family drama, martial arts, romance, sausage fingers and a bagel that holds the secrets of the universe.


Allison Riggs

Laundry is no accident

Evelyn’s laundry job was a great choice for several reasons. First, it places the character and his family in the working class. Seeing her at work reveals the financial struggles she faces on a daily basis, as well as an instant sensitivity to underdogs, which contrasts beautifully with Evelyn’s eventual transformation into a warrior with extraordinary powers across multiple dimensions.

But there is also a deeply personal reason for doing this. Director Daniel Kwan told Digital Spy that his grandfather owned a laundromat when he came to New York from Hong Kong. Remembering his father’s stories of growing up over a laundromat, Kwan knew what kind of work Evelyn was supposed to do. Kwan also noted that the laundry was a perfect continuation of the film’s central idea of ​​finding beauty in the seemingly disposable items of everyday life.

The success of Michelle Yeoh and the rejection of Jackie Chan

Michelle Yeoh has a long career full of great success in China and around the world. He starred in Tiger and dragonwas a Bond girl in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies Memoirs of a Geisha and now it’s enjoying a new golden age thanks to the explosive game “Everything everywhere at once”. After reading the script and having a good understanding of her character, the actress immediately realized that she could show fans, family, and the public what she was capable of.

“Be funny, be real, be sad. Finally, someone realized that I can do all this, ”she emphasized, happy to venture into a more active and unconventional role even at an older age. In fact, the film is full of action scenes, fights and martial arts in which she is an active hero. The Daniels brothers were actually thinking about bringing in the legendary Jackie Chan who has worked with Michelle Yeoh in the past. The latter congratulated his colleague on the success of the film and may have regretted not accepting the offer.


Allison Riggs

Return of Ke Hui Quan

In 2002, Ke Hui Quan retired from cinema due to lack of opportunities for Asian actors. After many years of working behind the scenes of roles in various projects, his role as Waymond Wang in All Everywhere All at once it was his first acting role in about two decades. Quan noted that his long absence made him very nervous before turning on the cameras. He told Comingsoon.net that he was worried about whether he would be able to take up the craft he had in his head again.

However, Quan recalled that the moment the cameras rolled, he was transported back to his childhood days, playing between the Goonies and Indiana Jones, and immediately felt comfortable again. The time spent on set became even more enjoyable as Quan was very eager to work with Michelle Yeoh and all the other actors. In addition, Quan was immensely grateful for the script that Daniels wrote, the type of script and the type of character he always wanted to play.

Jamie Lee Curtis character

While Evelyn and her family represent a Chinese immigrant family, Jamie Lee Curtis pushes his character to Deirdre, a tax auditor bordering on absolute surrealism. From the clothes he wears to his heavy gait, his character is the epitome of the bizarre in the film.

Although it was just a visual inspiration, the way Deirdre dresses carries over Elaine Bowen from the 2001 comedy dad and them, and it was also Curtis’ idea that she would give a photo of one of her old characters to the Daniels. The actress then took it upon herself to find strange clothes and hairstyles for an IRS officer to wear.


Allison Riggs

Stunning special effects

All Everywhere All at once it’s a top-notch movie when it comes to special effects. There are raccoons pulling people’s hair, huge bagels and much more that requires advanced technology. What is surprising, however, is how these effects were created and how many people worked on them. An analysis by IndieWire found that 80% of VFX shotsAll Everywhere All at once it was run by only five people.

While this indie film lacked an army of technicians and artists, it did have a dedicated team of visual effects masters who drew inspiration from some of the great cult films. They did covers of 80s classics like Ghostbusters or Who Framed Roger Rabbit? to get inspiration on how to create touchable images without relying solely on computer graphics. This group of artists also turned to programs such as after effects realize many of the more complex details of the film.

Source: Elle


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