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Ana Milan print moccasins are the most daring and elegant flat shoes this spring.


Ana Milán con vestido H&M

Finally we have a few days of good weather and rising temperatures! We have been waiting for this moment, especially since our celebrities and influencers They start leaving us ideas for the most suitable looks for spring. Ana Milan He took advantage of the sun to make a great plan on the terrace of Madrid and left us with a style that made our eyes go straight to your shoes.

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Ana Milan moccasins, the ultimate trend

Ana Milan welcomed the spring 2023 shoe fashion. The actress wore some moccasins with a pattern which he showed that flat shoes could also be elegant and rejuvenating.

Ana Milan is an expert at incorporating original and modern touches into her look, and this time she did it with her shoes. Guest He is a big fan of flat shoes. and several times we saw her with ballerinas or loafers, with the help of which he manages to raise his ensembles to the highest places. This time he did it with some of them, which we liked for their colors and patterns.

Originality Ana Milan loafers

Moccasins worn by Ana Milan perfect print of such versatile and spring colors like earth range. They are perfect! In addition, the round toe and width make them very comfortable to wear.

Ana Milan in moccasins


We also have to highlight how she wore them because Ana Milan wore these loafers in a way that reached stylize your body as much as possible. The fact of leaving naked lift, is a way to get that stylized effect you love. So now that the rise in temperature allows us to put aside stockings and socks, wearing them in this way is a complete success.

How to combine loafers in spring

As we told you moccasins are pure versatility. This is a type of flat shoe that can be worn with any outfit. With skirts, dresses, leggings or trousers both more formal and more casual like jeans, they look great. In fact, Piluca de Echegaray, our personal image expert, stylist and fashion consultant, always includes them in her list of essentials to wear with basic looks with elegant and flattering touches. In Ana’s case, she wore them with a look that we loved and in which the basics are there too.

Ana Milan look with printed loafers

As for pants, Ana Milan has worn some black with a wide leg. These are trousers that are very stylish due to their shape, and with These are the flat shoes manages to give them an elegant and even funny look.

And we are in love with his jacket. Ana Milan took a chance combining two different patterns in these clothes and moccasins. In the case of the jacket floral designs, colors such as nude, brown or blue are the protagonists. Clothes that couldn’t be more elegant and rejuvenating

Copy Ana Milan print moccasins.

So, after seeing Ana Milan, you know… Get your moccasins! With them you can give an elegant touch to the images for a variety of occasions. For everyday work, for plans with a friend, for off-road, when there is a lot to do … Just in case! And if they are also stamped, you rejuvenate your appearance. Next, we present you with a few proposals so that you can sign some of them now.

printed loafers
printed loafers

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