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Where to Watch Oscar 2023 Nominated Movies


On the night of March 12-13, 2023, we could follow the long-awaited Oscar ceremony in Italy live from Los Angeles. Like every year, movie and glamor lovers can’t wait to gossip about the images of the stars who will defile on the red carpet, to experience an event that will surely be full of emotions, surprises, entertainment and, who knows, maybe even some unexpected moments. events such as past releases.

But above all, there will be many films, documentaries and short films, as well as professionals of the seventh art, who will compete for the coveted statuette. Some titles are still in cinemas, but others can already be restored on various streaming platforms prepare for the big night Oscar 2023 and cheer for personal favorites. Below, we’ll tell you where to find some of the films nominated in various Oscar categories, not just Best Picture. Good vision!

Oscar Movies 2023 Sky/NowTv

Life was nominated for Best Actor Bill Nighy and for Best Adapted Screenplay. You can find it on Sky and NowTv and it’s a remake of the movie of the same name Akira Kurosawa 1952. We are in the 50s and while London is trying to recover from the Second World War, Mr Williams, an English bureaucrat, has to live through the last months of his life after he discovers that he is terminally ill.

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Batman instead, it was nominated for the 2023 Oscars for Best Makeup and Best Special Effects. Robert Pattison AND Zoe Kravitzand Colin Farrell as the Penguin, they show off a sophisticated look that has captivated the Academy and, to some extent, the public who appreciated this dark and melancholy comic book. Matt Reeves.

French among the nominees for Best Foreign Film Close From Lucas Dont which has been available on NowTv since March 9th. In the center is the story of friendship between two 13-year-old boys misunderstood by their peers and the rest of the world. The fear that this connection may be mistaken for something more and different sows resentment, misunderstanding and pain around the main characters.

And then there is Elvis, musical biopic about Baz Luhrmann who could win a statuette for the best male role Austin Butler, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound, Best Costumes, or Best Film. A rain of nominations, even if the most cited, is Butler, who is very well dressed as the king of rock and roll. Finally, Sky and Now TV can also be restored Top Shooter: Maverick although in some cities it can still be seen in cinemas. Film about Tom Cruisecontinuation of the cult The best gunsnominated for Best Editing, Original Song Lady Gaga Hold my handBest Sound, Best Makeup, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Special Effects.

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Oscars 2023: Movies on Netflix

All Quiet on the Western Front received nominations at the 2023 Oscars. The German film has been nominated for Best Film and Best Foreign Film, Best Photography, Best Sound, Best Makeup, Best Soundtrack, Best Adapted Screenplay and has already won several awards around the world. A touching, tense, and well-thought-out war film that tells the story of World War I from the perspective of young men for whom conscription is almost a dream, at least until they are in the trenches.

The dirt, blood, fear, cruelty and pain they experience every day make them realize that the war was not what they imagined it to be. Film produced by Netflix Blondescandalous movie Andrew Dominik premiered at the Venice Film Festival, where Ana de Armas was nominated for best actress in the iconic role Marilyn Monroe.

On Netflix, you will also find two animated films nominated for Oscar 2023, namely Sea monster and Pinocchio. The first is made with traditional animation and tells about the fantastic and colorful adventure of a sea monster hunter whose life is turned upside down after meeting a young girl. Whereas Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is a stop-motion work that revisits the classic Collodi tale set during World War I in a gripping and moving manner.

Finally on Netflix you can restore the mystery glass bow, a sequel to Knives Out which was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, also inspired by the detective world Agatha Christie with an all-star cast including Daniel Craig, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista and many more. Finally an Indian colossus RRR who dazzled the Academy and most of the world audience with his original song Naatu Naatu. The film is set in 1920s India. The film follows a fearless warrior on a perilous mission through forests and epic action.

ee bafta 2023 film awards - red carpet arrival

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Oscar 2023 Movies on Prime Video

After the preview at the latest edition of the Venice Film Festival Argentina, 1985 nominated for Best Foreign Film and you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. Director Santiago Mitretells the story of a group of lawyers who decide to oppose the Argentine military dictatorship of the 80s. Starring Ricardo Darin and Juan Pedro Lanzani, who are great alongside Claudio da Passano, Antonia Bengochea, Alejandra Flechner and Norman Brischi.

Oscars 2023: Movies on Disney+

Wakanda forever continuation Black Panther – one of the few film comics that has the opportunity to be among the Oscar nominees. But it especially marks a historic moment for a Best Supporting Actress nomination from Angela Bassett, since the Marvel Universe falls into this category for the first time. However, the film is also nominated for best costumes, best makeup, best song. Lift me up who will perform Rihanna on the Dolby Theater stage, and the special effects are clearly better. Director Ryan Coogler, Wakanda forever after the death of the deceased Chadwick Bosemanfinds a kingdom without its king.

28th Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Show

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Confusion and uncertainty reign in the air, and Wakanda is the focus of world powers who want to get their hands on these lands, even if the real threat comes from the sea. Namor, King of Talokan, wants to start a war, and the heroes of Wakanda must protect their people in order to restore peace and prosperity in serenity.

You can find this movie on Disney+ as Studentsshort film made Alice Rohrwacher directed by a Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron. At its core is a story of innocence, greed and fantasy to speak of desires pure and selfish, freedom and devotion and the anarchy that can flourish in the minds of girls within a strict religious boarding school around Christmas time. The only nomination that brings a bit of Italy to the Oscars this year.

Oscars 2023 movies on Apple TV+

Road is an Apple film that was screened at the last Rome Film Fest. The Academy has decided to nominate Brian Tyree Henry as the best supporting actor who supported the main character played by Jennifer Lawrence.

Directed by Leela Neugebauer, this drama tells the story of an American soldier who returns from the war in Afghanistan with a traumatic brain injury. Resuming her “normal” life is difficult, and a young woman has to deal with trauma not only physically, but above all psychologically. Brian’s character Tyree Henry is that important support for her, who becomes a friend and adventure companion she can cling to to get through this dramatic moment.

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