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Joana Sanz puts land between them and travels to Paris after visiting Dani Alves in prison.


The pressure seems to have overcome Joana Sanz, who has decided to leave the land in the middle and head outside of Spain. after visiting her husband, Dani Alves, first time in prison. The model went to Bryans II prison in the company of a mutual friend with her husband, and both They got access to the premises so that the model would meet him for the first time. after he was arrested on charges of raping a young woman in a Barcelona nightclub.

Joana Sanz in Paris / Photo: InstagramJoana Sanz in Paris / Photo: Instagram

Shortly before the appearance in prison, the news spread that Joana Sanz, through her lawyers, demanded a divorce from Dani Alves, but everything seems to indicate that this is not true due to the words that the model said at the exit from her visit. , assured: “I won’t leave him alone at the worst moment of his life.“.

The meeting between them lasted about fifty minutes and was attended by a close friend of the couple. There could be no physical contact between them because they were separated by glass. “According to sources consulted by this program, Dani Alves would meet her crying in a phone booth.“, – they said from the program “Yahora Sonsoles”.

Joana Sanz with a friend in Paris / Photo: InstagramJoana Sanz with a friend in Paris / Photo: Instagram

The place that decided to get rid of everything and the escape was in Parisa place where he went in the company of a good friend, as he taught through his social networks. In one of the photos shared with the Eiffel Tower In the background, she looks smiling and very happy, despite the fact that she is going through the worst moment of her life, not only because her husband is in prison, but also because a few weeks ago he lost his mother.

Alves did not receive temporary freedom

In the meantime, Dani Alves suffered a major setback as his intention was to get a conditional release, but this was opposed by prosecutors due to the risk of absconding. The football player’s lawyers have filed an appeal against the measure of restraint in the form of detention without bail for the defendant, which was just denied. Alves thought he would get it, because his defense was thinking about the seizure of the passport, telematic control of the bracelet and until he started attending courts regularly, But it couldn’t be. Although this is true, from the program “Yahora Sonsoles” they indicated that they did not lose her: “I can defend in legal terms that he must remain in Spain because he has children here and He is married to a Spanish“, explained Carlos Quiles.

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