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Marvel cancels Luke Cage comics due to far-right attacks fears Marvel cancels Luke Cage comics due to far-right attacks fears


Marvel cancels Luke Cage comics over fears of far-right attacks

Marvel cancels Luke Cage comics over fears of far-right attacks

Marvel cancels Luke Cage comics over fears of far-right attacks

In an exclusive interview for TSB RFwriter Ho Che Andersonresponsible for comic biography Martin Luther Kingrevealed the reason for his first job in Marvel, Luke Cage: City of Fire (Luke Cage: City of Fire literally) was cancelled. According to Anderson, the situation was “painful” and included fear of far-right attacks from the publisher.

Recalling the conversation that ended his project, the writer commented that the miniseries would be completed after three issues and that the news of the cancellation reached him as he was finishing the script.

“Long story short, they sat me down and said, ‘We’re canceling the show. We are afraid that it will harm you. We don’t want you to be attacked by far-right lunatics.”

In the comic, Elektra Natchios will feature as Daredevil.

With history including Destroyer V Elektra Natchios, Anderson said he had to work hard to bring his idea to life. Even before they greenlit the miniseries, Anderson was working on five page draft which was subsequently proposed expanded to solo comic and finally ordered a three-issue series.

Its development was so advanced when the news of its cancellation became known that the script had already passed through the hands of Marco Chechetto and was in the final stages of pasting and coloring the text. And also decide how they will insert the trigger warning given what the comic is about.

History could inspire George Floyd

The killing of George Floyd sparked a series of protests around the world

That is why the topic city ​​of fire drew inspiration from brutal murder George Floyd V 2020. The same thing happened during Floyd’s arrest at the hands of a police officer. Derek Chauvin who strangled the boy with one knee.

The event sparked a series of protests around the world, raising a movement #Black Lives Matter (#Black Lives Matter) and forcing people to leave their homes even in the midst of a pandemic in support of the Floyd family and rejection of what happened.

According to Anderson, the premise of the comic will be What would happen if George Floyd’s mother hired Luke Cage to protect Derek Chauvin, her son’s killer?.

However, publishing executives saw Anderson’s approach as a problem that would only exacerbate the delicate racial situation. This is because, in addition to the George Floyd murder case, the comic will be released at a time when Kyle Rittenhouseman known for shooting dead three protesters from the movement Black Lives Matterwas acquitted of all charges.

“They were worried the show was going to hit Kyle Rittenhouse supporters or something like that. So they decided to be careful.”he explained.

The Future of Impressive Stories at Marvel

Cover of Luke Cage: City of Fire

Despite Marvel’s concerns about possible attacks on Anderson, the truth is that the author found the publisher’s decision even more disgusting. Not only for your useless work, but also for the involvement of other creators such as Sean Damian Hill, Ray Anthony Hite This Farid Karami.

“I read the complete first issue in PDF and couldn’t believe I wrote this comic. It didn’t sound like one of my stories. It felt official compared to everything I had done before.”

After that, Anderson questioned his entire writing career. The conclusion to it, unfortunately, was to stick with the story of heroes and villains and leave the idea of ​​something like city ​​of fire in past.

“I will never do a job for Marvel that doesn’t sound like Villain of the Week wants to take over the world.”

Anderson is currently working with Marvel on a future project featuring the hero. Blade.

“I felt that we have the opportunity to do something important. The fact that it was canceled so quickly meant to me that they didn’t want to do it. They don’t want to do it. They just want safe things. So if they hire me again, that’s what I’m going to do. I will give safe material. But it’s still outrageous because we had the opportunity to tell a relevant story and they would be on the right side of the story because they were strong enough to tell that story. So it was a missed opportunity.”

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