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This is how Charles told Prince Harry of Diana’s death.


More than the news of his parents’ divorce, more than a fight with brother William before his wedding to Meghan, more than the rejection of the royal family and the removal of military ranks, there is a day that Prince Harry will never forget: that of the death of his mother. As soon as the tragic news of Missing Lady Diana it spread, the whole world was amazed, stunned, distrustful, filled with emotion, which was expressed at home in expressions of deep condolences. For the youngest son, who was only 12 years old at the time, mourning was frightening, and it is easy to imagine how the origin of his insecurities, his instability and conflict with his father and the hated Camille arose from here.

prince harry death diana

Harry and William with their father Charles after Diana’s death, September 5, 1997.
Anwar HusseinGetty Images

AT Firethe book that everyone has been talking about for several days now, released worldwide on Tuesday 10 January (published in Italy by Mondadori), Prince Harry remembers with pain the moment his father told him of his mother’s death. According to him, his father sat Harry on the bed, calling him “my dear son”, after which he informed him that Diana had been in a car accident and received injuries that seemed unlikely to improve. “What I remember with startling clarity is that I didn’t cry,” writes Harry. “Not a tear. My father didn’t hug me.” No physical contact, no release impulse. The self-control that young Harry was also forced to maintain in public when, on September 5, 1997, he stepped out to meet the crowd that filled the space in front of Buckingham Palace with bouquets of flowers, cards, drawings, memories for the princess.

prince harry death diana

Prince Philip, Prince William, Earl Spencer, Prince Harry and Prince Charles at Diana’s funeral.
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“When my mom died, we had two hats to wear,” she said on the Netflix series. Harry and Megan. “The first was two grieving sons who wanted to cry, mourn and relive this grief over the loss of our mother. And the second, it was a real hat: not show emotions, go there, meet people, shake hands with them. The UK literally overwhelmed me and William with love, like their children, they expected to see us: it was very hard for both of us. “The pain and efforts that the two brothers shared and which day after day helped strengthen their blood ties, until Megan took on a new figure, an outsider par excellence, whose then-future heir to the throne immediately realized ambitions incompatible with the monarchical hierarchy.

prince harry death diana

Diana with sons William and Harry in the 1980s.
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In his exclusive interview with journalist Tom Bradby of good morning america and went on air ITV On Sunday evening, Harry tries to explain the reasons for this book, which he, as a member of the royal family, could never have published: the need reveal one’s truth of factsafter years of speculation, deduction, ghostly reconstructions, e desire to find his family. An almost paradoxical operation for Harry, who first exposes the grievances and bitterness of the family, which is not a fairy tale at all, and then asks to fix the split. “Not an institution. I want a family. And I understand how difficult it can be for them to separate the two of them, but for me, after all that I have seen and experienced over the years, there must be a separation. And thinking about her mother, she admits: “I think it would be sad. […] there are some things that we need to solve in order to be able to fix [nostra] connection. In the last two years, I have felt my mother’s presence more than in the last 30.” Who knows how much things would have been different if Diana were still alive.

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