Second week of protests farmers It all started this Monday with various tractors throughout Spain, with cuts on dozens of roads. But what began as a major, seemingly spontaneous mobilization through social media and outside agricultural organizations was overshadowed this weekend by incidents in the surrounding area Metropolitan Stadium from Madrid.

A meeting was called there National Transport Protection Platforman organization headed by a controversial businessman Manuel Hernandez, which in 2022 sparked a truckers’ strike that brought logistics and distribution under control. They tried to ratify a call for another open-ended national strike to join the farmers’ protests.

After the meeting Lola Guzman, leader Platform 6F who facilitated the mobilization of farmers through networks, confronted riot police National Police after the charges were carried out, when some concentrators rushed to try to cut the M-40. “If you lift a baton against a Spaniard, you will come face to face with it. ETA killed several of you sons of bitches.”, a former militant with no active ties to agriculture told Vox. The Madrid Police General Directorate will refer the case to the prosecutor’s office if the words could mean alleged hate crime.

Following these events, some groups of farmers, who are promoting protests in different territories these days, have expressed a desire to distance themselves from the above-mentioned Platform, in whose manifesto the ink is accused of Agenda 2030He European Green Deal or subsidies to traditional agricultural organizations.

Representatives of the primary sector and representatives of several regions of Valladolid, from Soria, Avila And Segovia They issued a statement demonstrating their willingness to “distance themselves and disassociate themselves from said platform” due to statements made against agents. “We are an independent and apolitical movement that seeks only to make visible the problems of the sector of which we are a part, and we want our administrations to listen to us,” they stressed.

On Saturday, the aforementioned 6F platform failed to carry out its threat to collapse Madrid with 50,000 vehicles, including tractors and trucks, as it had promised a few days ago. The tractors did not interfere with the normal development of the holiday. Goya Awards cinema in Valladolid, thanks to increased security measures that prevented tractors from advancing towards the capital Pisuerga.

Transporting animals to protests

Already this Monday, a representative of the aforementioned Platform 6F, a Galician lawyer Shaime da Penathe accused at a press conference against police intervention on Saturday and announced his intention to sue the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska. He stated that he intends to refer the case even to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Despite harsh criticism of the government, da Peña demanded that the executive branch contact them and listen to their demands. He also announced his intention to give the organization legal personality; details about its structure and internal functioning were not disclosed. A change in the strategy for the development of protest actions is progressing. In particular, he called on farmers to put their animals on the roads.

Lawyer associated with the company Squad and would be responsible for organizing the placement of a banner in the center of Madrid against Pedro Sanchez during the campaign for the last general election. “You are going to Morocco. Desocoupa is in La Moncloa,” the poster read. At a press conference, he said that he shared the ideals of “many politicians” and assured that he did not organize public demonstrations so that one could “say whether I am right, left or conservative.”

Just hours after his appearance, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Luis Planas- he assured Zero wave that the farmers’ protests are legitimate, although he expressed opposition to those in which there may be “political manipulation”. In addition, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture said that Spain will submit a proposal to simplify the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) at the next Council of Agriculture of the European Union, which will be held on February 26.

In addition to the 6F Platform, most agricultural organizations -Asaya, COAG And earnings per share- Union of Pagesuckers and Union of Unions They scheduled more than 40 protests until the end of February in different cities. All of them are mobilizations brought to the attention of the relevant government delegations.

Today is Tuesday, farmers intended to present their complaints at the International Fair of Agricultural Machinery (FIMA), which takes place in Zaragoza. According to Aragón Digital, this Monday agricultural organizations agreed to cancel all mobilizations announced in honor of the inauguration.