Cesur Vocational Training Center has decided extend its sponsorship agreement with Malaga Drive-Inlaunched last year, as well as joining the new Madrid Drive-In sponsorship.

This union strengthens the relationship between both entities and confirms commitment to promoting audiovisual projects and the promotion of spaces for the film industry, which is in line with Sesur’s calling to promote audiovisual education and talent as a springboard for inclusion in the labor market.

Malaga Drive-In opened its doors two years ago and stands out, among other things, because the first permanent drive-in cinema in Andalusia. The Madrid Drive-In, on the other hand, has a long history of over seven years and is one of the largest drive-in cinemas in all of Europe, making it a popular place to watch films outdoors.

With this sponsorship, Cesur highlights and makes visible the audiovisual sector, an industry with huge appeal, especially for young people and is a key lever of the national economy. In fact, according to the European Audiovisual Observatory, Spain is among the top five exporting countries of pay-per-view (TVOD or PPV) films, along with the UK, Germany, France and Italy.

Sesur’s sponsorship in Malaga saw a number of notable milestones. One of the most notable events was Cardiofest, a sports event that attracted a large number of visitors and was a huge success in terms of the number of participants. In addition, both collaborated on themed events, such as those dedicated to the Harry Potter and Superman sagas, which were also very popular among fans and outdoor movie lovers. Thus, Cesur noted that it stands out for its commitment to “the visibility and development of cinema and professional training in the cultural industry.”